Tuesday, 16 May 2017

FASHION | May Wishlist ♥

It been a few weeks since I have managed to get a post popped up on here, I have been so busy with work and my online shop but I have spared to some time to write on my favourite corner of the web - my blog.
I also have some exciting news - me and my husband have booked our September trip away - we are flying to San Francisco & taking a road trip to LA for 10 days for our 4th wedding anniversary. We made it a pact to be somewhere new each year so we could take a photo on our wedding anniversary. I can't wait to share that blog post with you. Booking a trip away has got me excited for some new clothes, while I'll have to curb the spending over the next few months, it doesn't stop me from online shopping and these key finds were found through  - Catalogues247 - the perfect place to find all the things (including clothing) that you need on finance - booking a holiday can be pricey but so can buying clothing, so being able to spread the price out over a few months can make things more manageable and affordable - I do this myself and so do a lot of people, I like the freedom of trying clothes on in my own home before returning what I don't want and not having to pay an upfront cost.

These finds can all be found on - Fashion World - I'll include the links in case there is something that you like from my top picks.

1. Gingham Bardot Dress - LINK.
2. Dungaree's - LINK
3. AX Paris Smock Top - LINK 
4. Blue Short Sleeve T-Shirt - LINK
5. AX Paris Off The Shoulder Dress - LINK
6. Canvas Pumps - LINK.
7. Statement Fringe Necklace - LINK
8. Fringe Shoulder Bag - LINK
9. AX Paris Embroidered Blouse - LINK.

Do you have a favorite?


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