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A Year In Our New Home ♥

I never did write an official post about our house which we bought last year, I did kind of take a blogging break for a while last year and I think that was partly due to the fact that the start of the year was pretty life changing. We bought a house. I still can't believe those words when I write them down, I even have to pinch myself sometimes in case it's a dream because I honestly didn't think we'd find our dream home, especially when we did and how we did. Me and my husband like to think it was a little thing called "FATE" it sounds really cheesy when you use that word but honestly it was.
We started our house hunt 6 months before back in 2015 by going to a mortgage advisers, story cut short we received a little bad news that put a dampener on things and left us feeling a little unhopeful but with any bad news, we saved anyway determined we were able to do this - nothing makes you want something more when you know its going to be a little harder.
Fast forward a few months and I was having my weekly browse of houses in the local area, getting my hopes up as I do and I came across "my now house" I was flicking through the photos feeling very crushed because at that moment it was "still a dream" I even showed my husband and said to him "this is my dream house, it has everything I want" and no i'm not being cheesy again - it did.
I always said I wanted a big garden, a largish kitchen, I loved the idea of a little cosy living room like the one in we had in our flat at the time, big windows and three bedrooms so we could have a family one day. Two days later it had sold, I was pretty gutted even though we still hadn't saved the 5% deposit we needed - paying rent and saving money is hard, I did keep visiting that house online too just look at the photo's. Fast forward three months to January, heading into 2016 we were determined we were going to get our house this year. We visited a mortgage advisers at our bank to see how much we could borrow and we left feeling very optimistic, I started the house hunt right away. It must have been about 6 days when I got a notification on my phone from a local estate agents, imagine my surprise when it was a text message about the house we had been looking at 3 months ago, it was back on the market after the previous sale fell through - I have never booked a viewing quicker in my life. The night before I was a bag of nerves and excitement, my husband told me to not get my hopes up, I did. We pulled up the next day at our house and went for our viewing, we were the first of many that day - we weren't the only one's who had our eye on it. We left not saying a word, I was a little unsure to say I wanted it there and then - I DID 100 TIMES OVER. Me and my husband went for lunch and discussed the house, we rang half an hour later and put our offer in, it got accepted. It was FATE. It wasn't plain sailing though, we almost lost it again - I won't go into that - our seller even worked at the branch of the bank we applied for our morgage at, talk about coincidence, so we got to meet her and that made the sale of the house go more smoothly as the bumps we had in the road only helped us both as a buyer and her as a seller. We had a fantastic morgage adviser who made our dream a reality.
The hard work, tears and happiness made it worth it and it's made me appreciate this house we call home even more. I'm really proud of us.

The day we got our keys was the second best day of our lives - marrying my husband was my first.
We were lucky me and the seller had similar taste, some rooms just needed a lick of paint to our liking and family and friends also helped us paint and get our house ready in just two weeks. The only thing we seeked professional help for was some of the glossing and more intricate painting jobs, it got a little bit too much with work and wanting to move in right away. Like anyone you want to be able to find the right people and find out how much you should be paying which you can do through priceyourjob.co.uk especially if you are new to owning a home and haven't got a clue how much you should be paying - this website is very helpful at telling you the costs of some things you don't even think about, it also stops you from being ripped off which sadly happens all to often. We got our painting done without any hitches and we moved in shortly afterwards. We've been living here happily for over a year. Like any home there are always things you want to change and our next mission is to get a brand new bathroom, the original bath is still in here from 1940, it's safe to say we need an updated one. I might write a blog post when we renovate that and show you a before and after if anyone would be interested.

I'm hoping to write some room tour blog posts, as this was my original plan when I had first moved in but we had such a hectic year,  I do love these interior type posts and I hope you will too.

Do you own your own home? Let me know in the comments below.

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