Sunday, 19 February 2017

Lazy Sunday's In Bed ♥

Don't you just love a lazy Sunday - I certainly do, the kitties do also.
My cat's occasionally make an appearance on my blog but you see them all over my Instagram these days. I wanted to share a kitty related post today because I know a lot of my followers on my blog and Instagram have cats. A couple of weeks ago I received this lovely cat bed in the post, I was a bit apprehensive that it was going to be used at first because I have bought beds in the past and the cats would rather sleep in the packaging it came in - that's cats for you though. 
But I am pleased to say, Jim - the most awkward and fussiest cat in the whole world - has decided that this cat bed in actually comfier than my bed and hasn't been out of it since I received it.
It's a god send for me as I hate having to vacuum cat hairs week in week out.
So much so Luna had a few hours in it before she was turfed out by Jim - they are funny cats, mine are like a typical brother and sister.
You can buy this "dream" cat bed here - LINK - and it's only £19.99 too.
There are lots of different varieties for your kitties depending on how spoilt your kitty is if you want to take a look - mine would give it 10 stars if they could.
I'll leave you with one last cute photo - ENJOY YOUR SUNDAY.

Do your cats use a cat bed??

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