Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentines Day ♥

Happy Valentine's Day you lovely lot.
This post isn't necessarily Valentines Day related but I wanted to post it today as the theme seemed very fitting.

I was recently sent some lovely goodies from *Crabtree & Evelyn and I think they deserved a mention on here, especially the biscuits. The biscuits were truly divine - available here - LINK - I actually wasn't aware that Crabtree & Evelyn sold biscuits or any confectionery to be in fact so I was surprised. These specific one's that were sent don't appear to be available on the website anymore, perhaps because they are limited edition - but there are lots of other varieties - these dark chocolate & cardamom ones in particular look yummy and are only £5.00. The packaging is really pretty too and I think they would make a lovely gift for a friend or family member and they stay really fresh in the tin too and talking of tins, I reckon you could reuse them too. These particular biscuits that I was sent were Rose & White Chocolate, not a flavour I would even think to combine but it really worked, the rose isn't to over powering but you could taste hints of it and they were so soft and buttery, I'm drooling thinking about them but they are all gone now. So next time your shopping in Crabtree & Evelyn, I'd recommend poppingsome of these biscuits in your basket, you wouldn't be disappointed that's for sure.

I was also sent some of these hand creams - LINK -  I am never normally without a hand cream especially out and about when you use public rest rooms and the soap always dries your hands out, that happens to me anyway. These little handy travel sizes mean you can just pop them in your bag for on the go and they are only £6.00, they are so soft and moisturizing, their not really greasy either like some that end up taking ages to sink into your skin are. I have currently been using the Pear & Mangolia scent and it smells lush, I love the sweet notes. They do lots of different varieties and sizes including this Gardeners Hand Therapy - perfect for those who love gardening - having a garden myself I know how sore and tired your hands can get after a day gardening so I think these are excellent and would make the perfect present for a keen gardener.

Have a lovely Valentines Day.


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