Tuesday, 4 October 2016

I'm Back.......

Long time no speak.

Its been over 6 months since I wrote on this corner of the web.
To be honest life did get in the way and I have had a busy year to say the least.
But there will be a few new changes on here.

I've moved into a house since with my husband- YAY, I am  finally a homeowner and I actually own a house.
I've had two holidays this year too - quite the jet setter it seems, I'm off back to Paris at the end of this month too for a long weekend.
I've started my own little online venture selling pet collars (cat collars for the moment) - which isn't live just yet but I'm hoping it will be with a little more time on my hands in the next few months - you can follow my Facebook page - DAINTY LUNA DESIGNS - to keep up to date with news regarding that.

I have lots of new posts popping up over the next few weeks so you can see what has been happening this year.

See you soon.


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