Monday, 22 June 2015

My Top 5 June Faves ♥

It's been a while since I did this sort of post - January to be in fact and it was such a popular post of mine.
I think I will start posting these monthly again - You can read my previous January favourites post here if you ever missed that - LINK.

These below have been my favourite beauty products so far this month.

 - Herbal Essences Naked Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner - 

I haven't been to well for the past 3 weeks with a viral bug which actually caused a nasty rash nearly all over my body - I'm getting over it now, but this has made me want to shampoo in something that wasn't going to irritate my skin with a perfumed scent.
I'm a huge fan of herbal essences and I've rarely switched shampoo for years, this brand just seems to work so well for my hair and is the secret to it's shine.
This particular shampoo and conditioner has no silicone, colorants, and parabens in it which makes it ideal if you have sensitive skin like me.
Even without all these, this shampoo and conditioner still leaves your hair feeling clean and incredibly soft.
With a  hint of mint in it too, it feels soothing on your scalp and it leaves your hair feeling nourished and healthy.
I think this is my new fave at the minute.

- *I Love... Coconut & Cream Collection - LINK -

I can only describe this collection as heavenly and it is the perfect summer 2015 combo.
I love the creamy smell of coconut when I use this shower smoothie, there are little exfoliating bits it which scrub off all your dead skin cells and it leaves your skin feeling soft and clean and smelling yummy.
The bubble bath doubles up as a shower cream and the hand cream is just like OMG, the scent does last for a while and keeps your hands nice and moisturized.
I think the I Love... collection is such a good buy, the products aren't overpriced and they all smell amazing.

- *The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Collection - LINK. - 

New to The Body Shop this Virgin Mojito collection has everything you need this summer.
With it's lovely zesty lime and crushed mint scent from the caribbean - it smells just like the famous Mojito cocktail which happens to be my favourite cocktail too.
I love The Body Shop butters and this virgin mojito one is no exception.
Perfect for sun drenched skin straight out the shower, I have enjoyed using the body splash too - it's a little tricky to apply without it getting everywhere but when rubbed into your body you feel so invigorated.

  - Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation - 

I've recently purchased this and I've been using it for about a month now.
I love how light it feels on your skin, it has a smart tone technology in it so you have perfectly flawless skin no matter what kind of light you apply it it.
Enhanced with Sapphire radiance too it also gives your skin an illuminating glow.
I have quite oily skin and this foundation doesn't feel to heavy on my skin, and it blends over imperfections really well, a little bit also goes a long way.
I was using the Rimmel Wake me up foundation, but for the summer months when I want to wear something lighter on my skin - this will most likely be my go to foundation.

- *Travalo Refillable Fragrance Portable Spray - LINK -

I don't know where I have been without one of these before.
Gone are the days when I have to carry a full sized bottle of perfume around with me in my bag.
These handy 5ml sprays mean that you can fill them up with your favourite fragrance on the go and refill it when it empties.
With an indicator window, you can also see how much perfume you have left and it refills in seconds so you never waste any perfume and your perfume is never contaminated with exposure to the air by a simple pump up and down action on your perfume bottle.
Travalo is the perfect festival and airport essential and its handy little size means it can fit in the smallest of bags and it's shatterproof too.

What do you think of this months beauty faves.
Have you used any of these.

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Beauty | W7 Brow Parlour ♥


I am always on the look out for new beauty products and I had been eyeing the benefit brow zings kit up (I almost bought it in Paris.) 
This little eye brow kit arrived into my work a few weeks ago now, I work at Peacocks and we do stock W7 make up - which may be handy to know for some of  you - I've included the Amazon link where I found this cheapest for you savyy savers too.

This little kit comes in a handy tin and contains everything you need to create perfect eyebrows.
Well almost nearly everything - I didn't like the brush that came with it very much, it was a little too thick and I couldn't really give my eyebrows a good enough shape.
I  think I much prefer my real techniques brushes for that, the eye brow comb on the other side of the brush it comes with however was quite good.

You get some mini tweezers which are quite good quality and the handy little size makes them perfect for getting out the tiniest of hairs.

The brow colours come in two different shades - I opted for the darker shade.
There is also brow wax to fix your brows and colour in place and a highlighter to apply afterwards just underneath your brows to define them,

I love to shape my eyebrows every day and I'm always on the quest for the perfect brow.

I was quite impressed with this kit, the eyebrow powder last all days and stays put and it is subtle enough to look natural - If you want to save money and opt for a more budget friendly brow kit.
I would 100% recommend this kit - just not the brush it comes with.

The finished look below.....

Have You Tried This Kit?? 
What Did You Think?

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Lifestyle | Happy Fathers Day & A Pint Of Thanks ♥

I hope that all the dads out there have been well an truly spoilt for fathers day.
My dad in particular got a treat when  kindly sent this "Pint Of Thanks" for my dad.
Inside included a red Armani t-shirt (perfect for my designer dad.)
A pint glass filled with some manly goodies and some essential "socks".
My dad loved the whole lot and I think he was secretly happy that he got an opportunity to have a taste of my blogging perks.
A Fathers Day present like this is a little more appropriate for my dad as I never know what to buy him but these are are bits and pieces he will actually use.
So thank you very much Mainline Menswear for these Fathers Day Goodies - my dad was well and truly spoilt and these were an exception.

You can visit Mainline Menswear here - LINK.

Happy Fathers Day Dad.

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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Lifestyle | An Updated Bedroom Tour ♥

I have wanted to do one of these for a some time now, I did blog a bedroom tour back in September 2013 which you can see here if you want a recap.
Since then a lot has changed but I have still stuck to the same theme, I have worked on that theme a bit more to create this bedroom/sanctuary.

Mine and my husband's bedroom is quite personal which is why it's full of things that make (us) me mostly happy and smile - you could say this room is my happy place and it is where I feel most relaxed.

We sadly don't own our own home but all that will be changing soon so this is temporary for the next year or so - I already have big plans for the bedroom in our new home.
I will try my best to tell you where most items are from, some are old and some are brand new bits I have added recently.


The Painting - This was actually a purchase from a charity shop, I saw it in the window and fell in love with the scene, it was a day or two until I went back to actually buy it for £10.00, it is a copied print by a famous artist called  he is well know for his water colour, oil and acrylic paintings, he has recreated many parisian love scenes in paintings and his art is beautiful.
I think I will be buying more prints in the future.  

Paris Is Always A Good Idea Print - The frame was from my local poundland and I simply attached some white string on the top so it could be hung.
The actual print is online from this etsy store which I bought online here.
The frame below it is from my local quality save, me and my bestie bought matching frames not long before we booked Paris so we could put photos in when we got back.

Stick On Butterflies - These stick on butterflies were only £1.99 can you believe from quality save again - they sell some really pretty decor for your home there.

Wall Plaques - The "Every Love Story Is Beautiful But Ours Is My Favorite" was from a pretty shop in Camden London - sometimes the smallest shops sell the prettiest things.
I've also used this plaque to surround myself with photos of happy times too.
The "When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever" plaque is again from Quality Save - they actually still sell this down there home aisle in the wedding section - I'm sure this was only about £2.99.


Heart Shaped Storage Basket - I'm not entirely sure where these were from as they were a Christmas present last year but they did come in a set of three.
Little baskets like these are perfect for storing your bottles/potions and bits and bobs in - they make crowded surfaces look a little prettier and tidier.

Wooden Necklace Hook - This is a recent purchase from Lily Rose Co, you can buy it here, it is perfect for holding my favourite necklaces and looks so vintage and chic.

Cat Jewelry Dish - This is also from Lily Rose Co, you can see that , it is sold out at the minute though.
Anyone who knows me well will know I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady so this little dish is perfect for holding my Pandora bracelet and my engagement and wedding rings when I take them all off at night.


Primark do the cutest bedding ranges and I picked this up a few weeks ago after seeing it in store before.
In case you didn't know I'm rather obsessed with Paris and this double duvet set just fits in perfectly in our bedroom.
It only cost £14.50 too and the little scatter cushion was only £4.00 - both are in store now as of June 2015.
Luna loves to sit on our windowsill and bird watch too.


The Mirror - I actually did a post on this earlier - I up cycled this mirror from looking boring and plain using only napkins and pva glue and water - you can see how I did this here.
I get many compliments about it an I love that no one has one just like it.

Friendship Plaque - This is a Christmas present from 2013 - I love anything my friends get me, little quotes like this make me smile and I'm so grateful for the friendships I have in my life right now.

*Alarm Clock - I absolutely love this vintage style alarm clock, it gets me up every morning and I love it's little dinky design, you can pick this up from Room To Grow for only £12.15 at the minute, in a range of different colours.

Make Up Brush Holder - This is actually a candle holder I picked this up for only £1.99 from Quality Save - who says you need to use everything for its intended purpose, it makes a very pretty make up brush holder for my real techniques brushes.

Butterfly Fairy Lights - These cute little butterfly fairy lights are from Primark and were only about £2.99 I got them recently - they create a nice cosy glow in the bedroom at night time.

Eiffel Tower - I picked this up in Paris for about 5 euro's, everywhere sells them but make sure you go into different gift shops because some can try and charge you more.

I hope you enjoyed looking around my bedroom, if there is anything I have missed or you are wondering where I got something not mentioned in this post from please comment below.

What do you think of my room?
Do you have a similar theme?

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