Saturday, 24 January 2015

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer ♥

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer - £17.00 - LINK.

I'll admit, this is one of the best concealers I have ever used, I bought it on a a bit of a whim at the airport in September late last year when I went to Lanzarote, along with a new MAC lipstick. I was browsing the benefit counter also to buy the "Boi-ing Concealer" but this one ended up catching my eye.
I had a particularly annoying huge spot on my chin that morning and wanted something to cover it up with that wasn't going to make it look worse, so I think I was a little bit desperate for a good concealer and I parted with the cash without another word - £17.00 is not a price I would ever pay for a concealer normally - but I got it for a lot cheaper due to the tax free price. I'm glad I did get it now because it has been a fab investment, 5 months on this little tube is still going strong even with daily use and I will definitely be parting with my cash next time for a new one.

With all MAC counters there is someone always on hand to give you a helping hand at picking the right colour and giving it a trail run on your skin before you choose to purchase it.
The lady who helped me was extremely lovely -  I do love this sort of service.

This concealer comes in a handy little bottle - perfect for on the go - with a black pump for easy application. It was perfect for putting in my bag for the night time for any touch ups, not that I needed it anyway because it lasted all day on my skin, even in the heat in the evening.
The colour I got was very true to my skin tone and blended in perfectly with my everyday foundation to cover up any dark circles or imperfections.
The formula was quite light an easy to blend it too and didn't leave any sticky residue - which I liked.
If your browsing the duty free aisle pre holiday or the MAC counter I'd give this concealer a go, it gets the thumbs up from me and is now my holy grail make up product and I honestly can't fault it.

Have you tried this concealer??What are your thoughts on it??
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Friday, 23 January 2015

Wedding | My Top 10 Tips To Picking The Right Wedding Dress ♥

| Dress Maggie Sottero - "Mirabella" | Belt - Etsy | Shoes - BHS | Beaded Bag - BHS | Necklace - New Look | Butterfly Earrings - Something New From My Grandad | Heart T-Bar Bracelet - Something Old (that was my mums) |

My wedding feels like such a lifetime ago - time flies that fast - and my wedding related posts at the time were so popular, I wanted to write a post for old times sake.
Wedding dress shopping was quite a stressful but exciting time for me and I truly miss it - it was the most magical part about planning my wedding, getting to try on beautiful dresses of all shapes.

Those of you who are new to my blog can catch up on my wedding and the planning here - there is a whole page dedicated to it with all my posts throughout my journey as a bride to be.

For those of you getting married who have stumbled onto this post or are having a read because you love a good wedding related post I've put together my top tips when it comes to picking your wedding dress.
I learnt a few important things that I didn't know while I was a bride to be and I hope anyone picking a dress finds these tips useful.

1. When first picking a dress I had a little look online first, I didn't really have any idea of what kind of dress I was after and I thought having a look online would give me some sort of idea - it helps to get an idea of exactly what your looking for and you can print out photos and make a scrapbook - not only is it free (wedding magazines can be quite pricey) but you can take your scrapbook with you when you go wedding dress shopping.

2. Always go dress shopping on a day when you know you will feel comfortable - there is nothing worse than trying on dresses when your having one of you "fat/bloated" days - you know what us girls can be like and you want to feel good.

3. Keep an open mind when trying on any dress, I had an idea of what kind of dress I wanted but I tried on lots of different styles including the ones I thought I wouldn't be seen dead in, sometimes a dress looks better on that it does on the hanger and it's lots of fun - I tried on 28 before I found "the one."

4. Don't make do with the first one you fall in love with, I did this with a £3,000 dress I saw, it was stunning but way over budget, instead I took a photo wearing it knowing I could return and order it if I wanted to, turns out I ended up picking a completely different dress instead.

5. Don't take to many people with you when you go and try you go trying dresses on, as much as you want to take your 10 bridesmaids with you, I went with just my mother in law, you want to keep your trying on as stress free as possible and some wedding boutiques are quite small.

6. When you do find "the one" don't rush into buying it, buying a wedding dress for me was like buying our sofas from DFS, it was a lot of money to spend on one item and I felt really unconformable spending that much, not because it wasn't worth it but because I wasn't used to parting with so much cash.
I decided with my "mother in laws words of wisdom" to think about it and discuss it with my husband to be first, if I wanted it, one night wasn't going to make a difference.
Always try and ask for a discount too, I manged to get a £100 knocked off my dress and I got free alterations too.

7. When you do find "the one" make sure the shop you buy it from has insurance or you get insurance, its a small price to pay to make sure the unexpected doesn't happen, if that company goes into administration or there is a fire, your dress is covered.

8. When your dress finally arrives in the shop and you go to try it on or even if your trying it on at home, try and style your hair and make up similar to how your going to have it on the big day, it gives you an idea of the finished look - also make sure someone has a camera handy too, a dress can look different on a picture than it does when you see it in the mirror.

9. Make sure you go for plenty of fittings, I had about three - one when I tried the dress on, one when it arrived in and one a few weeks before the big day, make sure you give plenty of time for any alterations that may need doing , also its a good idea to try on any underwear you have picked to wear with your dress along with your shoes/veil/jewelry ect.

10. Finally.... on the big day make sure you truly feel like a princess and take lots of a photos, you only get one day to wear a dress as magical as this.

Below is a photo from my wedding day in Cyprus, I love this photo because my dress just hangs so beautifully, I wore a small hoop under mine, this really helped me to feel more comfortable in the heat and gave me a bit of "air conditioning" under the dress.
With a corset sewn inside it really helped to keep me in all day especially after our three course sit down meal.
I really wish I could redo my wedding day and wear this dress all over again.

I hope these tips were helpful to any bride to be.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Awkward Vs Awesome ♥

After searching good old Pinterest for some blogging inspiration (I feel like I've hit a wall recently) I came across this post idea, not only is it refreshing but I think it can be also be very entertaining for my readers and my future self when I look back. I'm trying to mix things up on my blog and write more about the things that happen in my life as well as my beauty and fashion related posts.....
So hopefully here is a more frequent post you might be seeing in the future.....
A monthly rundown of my "Awkward vs Awesome" collection of moments.


- Texting a work college - I was asking if we can swap shifts and explained why in my usual essay style only to have the "Deccan Indian Restaurant"  text me back to kindly tell me I have the wrong number, turns out the name "Dexter" in my phone book was right next to my local takeaway "CRINGE"

- The bus driver under charging me on the bus - when I sat down and realized I started panicking about it that much that on the way off the bus I informed the bus driver and offered to pay more, the bus driver didn't even recognize me or even have a clue what I was on about.... I whispered a squeaky thanks and made a quick exit off the bus (I'm too honest)

- Nipping to the loo when the adverts started for "The Theory Of Everything" - only to walk back into the pitch black cinema room, making my way back to the top of the stairs to my seat to realize that not only could I not see my husband, but someone else was sat in my seat, I turned around to the screen to see that "Exodus - Gods Of Kings"  was about to start and I was in fact in the wrong screen, I don't think I've ever moved so fast. (Turns out screen 6 wasn't screen 7)


- That glitch on the the New Look website - It meant I got £15.00 off a £15.00 spend so I bought two tops instead of one and it only cost me £10.98 plus free click and collect.

- Winning at bowling after 3 glasses of wine - I went to All Star Lanes in Manchester on my most recent night out at the weekend for a friends birthday, us girls teamed up with the boys, I wasn't even trying that hard.... I'm too flukey when it comes to bowling or pool.

- That kind bus driver-  He let me on the bus for free on the way home from work, not only did you save me £2.50 but you also made my Monday that little bit better....Thanks!!

Have you had any relateable Awkward VS Awesome moments like me this month?
Did you enjoy this post???

Friday, 9 January 2015

Statement Jewelry | By Bella Cosa Boutique ♥

Happy Friday, I am glad its the weekend tomorrow and the first proper working week of January is over, I work part time in retail and it feels like this week has been busier than Christmas.
So this weekend I will be relaxing in my snug jumper with a mocha in my mug - I've just discovered chocolate and coffee in a cup (where have you been all my life.)

Today's post is a jewelry related one. if like me you love statement jewelry then this may be why your reading this post. I was sent these pieces last month in my gift box from and I love them. Statement jewelry does the talking when it comes to accessories, I in particular love dressing up plain dresses and camisoles with statement pieces as I really think they can liven up the plainest of outfits.

These two pieces are unfortunately not in stock on the website but if you visit there accessories section  they have a lovely range of unique statement pieces.

I haven't had the opportunity to wear these earring yet, I absolutely love the colours and come S/S15 I can see myself wearing these during the day/evening with my hair up, the colours are so pretty - so they will be making an appearance in future posts.
I have had plenty of wear however from this mint green flower necklace with little pearls in the middle of the flowers.
Yet again this will be a key S/S15 piece in my wardrobe, I love pastels and I've already seen them sneaking back into shops (where I work anyway) so this necklace with be the perfect accessory to go with all my attire. I wore it just recently with my new white fluffy jumper dress I got in the sales just after Christmas from Select and I think it goes perfectly with it.

What do you think??

Go and have a visit to Bella Cosa Boutique, the don't just sell accessories but clothing too and they have a SALE on at the moment - you might see something you like.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

D.I.Y | My 2015 Happy Jar ♥

I'm a few days late jumping on this bandwagon, but I've seen a few lovelies on my instagram page who have created one of these jars and I was inspired to make my own.
I can never often remember everything I did in a year, so this little jar is a nice way to remember any "MEMORIES, QUOTES, FUN TIMES, THINGS TO REMEMBER, PERSPECTIVES, MUSINGS & ACCOMPLISHMENTS." that have happened in 2015.
I found this fab free printable label (which I have used) via Pinterest on this lovely ladies blog (thank you Vicky) -  or you can just create your own.
I went to my local home bargains and picked up a jar for only £2.99 - its vintage to it fits perfectly in our bedroom - but any sort of jar will do (even your old Yankee candle jars)
Each day for 365 days you write down one of the above "THAT IS RELATED TO YOUR DAY" on a small piece of paper (you can buy small square pieces of coloured paper from any stationary shop) or simply cut up a piece of A4 like I did, it doesn't need to be perfect.
Then on New Years Eve 2015, spend an hour or so reflecting on your past year by reading through all these little pieces of paper - its a sure good way to remember the year you had.

My jar cost under £4.00 to make - the fancy pieces of ribbon were from Poundland (you can get a set on pieces of cardboard from the craft section) 
This jar is nice little reminder that maybe your year wasn't so bad, especially if it didn't feel like it was a good year .
If like me your a few days late, just pop a few memories down you can remember from the past however many days or write down quotes you have seen that have stood out to you - I particularly like to get my inspiration from weheartit.

Let me know if you decide to make one of these, if you have - I'd love to see yours.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Mini Vlog Of Our Trip To Lanzarote ♥

Better late than never right.....
Me and my Daz went on a 2 week holiday to Lanzarote in Septmeber 2014 to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary, while we were away I took a billion photos but I also filmed a little bit of our holiday too.
So here it is below with the song "Budapest" by George Ezra - I thought I'd share it with my readers.

If you want to read all about my tip in Lanzarote and see a few more photos you can visit that post here.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

My Favourite Memories Of 2014 ♥

I always usually do one of these types of posts every year and I want to keep up with the tradition on my blog and share with you my favourite memories of 2014.
Reading over last years highlights and the year before and the year before that is always interesting it's like stepping back in time and I like reading how far I have come and what I have accomplished.
"2014" has been an okay year, to be honest though its been pretty hard to top 2013 which was the year me and Daz got married so maybe that's why, but I have made some lovely memories with people I love which I have shared with you below.

My favourite memories of 2014.

 Concerts/Gigs - I went to about 9 gigs and concerts in 2014.
We got to see Maroon 5, One Republic, Daughtry, Mcbusted, Charlie Simpson, Jack Whitehall, Ed Sheeran, Lee Evans & John Bishop - they were all really great gigs.
One Republic were amazing live and I'm also really glad I got to see Lee Evans live for the last time shortly before he announced he was retiring, I have been lucky to see him live 4 times over the years.

In 2015, I will be seeing Charlie Simspon again, Olly Murrs and Andrew McMahon.

Days Out - Me and Daz had plenty of time this year to visit new places because we had quite a few weekends off together.
We went to Buxton for the day in Spring and came across the Otter, Owl, & Wildlife park on the way home - you can read about that day here - we met a really friendly deer who posed for selfies with us, it was one of them right times, right places moments and we got some pretty good photos.
Other days out included a day at the beach with Sasha, she had an absolute ball when we took her to Formby Beach, it was her first time at the beach and she enjoyed herself so much - you can read about that post and see photo's here.
We also visited a lovely park called Fletcher Moss which we discovered was on our doorstep, I even got the chance to take some lovely outfit photo's for my blog - visit that post here.
We did other days out too such as Alton Towers, and Ordsall Hall, we tried quite a few new places this year, I'm a bit of a geek and I love visiting old buildings that have a bit of history to them.

 2015 will be about doing the same thing and discovering even more new places.

Nights Out With The Girls - 2014 was supposed to be the year we got a kick start saving but it also meant I couldn't afford as many nights out as I wanted, my bank balance probably thanked me for that though.
Despite our saving up I had some great nights out with my girls in 2014 and I'm hoping for many more in 2015.

July Birthday's - Me and daz both celebrate our birthdays in July a week apart, last year we decided to make a day of both of them.
For Daz's birthday we went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for the day with a few friends and when it was my birthday I opted for a relaxing day out, the weather was beautiful so we went to a national trust park up in Staffordshire called Biddulph Grange Gardens - you can read about that post and see photos here - another beautiful set of gardens and a photographers paradise,

 I'd love to go back to Biddulph Grange Gardens again this year with a proper picnic and spend a bit longer there.

Our Night In A Haunted House - In May we did something I have wanted to do for so long and that was spend a night in a haunted house, I think Daz was a bit unsure about it at first, but after our night in Wythenshawe Hall we definitely learnt we weren't alone in this world, that night just fueled our Ghost Hunting side more and we want to do it all over again - If you want to know more about this night, you can read this really popular blog post I wrote about the night here.

In 2015 we want to spend another night here or do another paranormal night somewhere else.

Weekends Away - In July last year me and Daz also went down to London for the weekend, we were originally going to the Back To The Future Secret Cinema event, but they cancelled the first few days and we were going the second night. We decided to make a weekend of it anyway and did all the London sight-seeing again and even visited Lady Dina's Cat Emporium - You can read about London here and my visit to the cat emporium here.

Supporting Daz - 2014 was the year Daz decided to chase his dream of becoming a comedian and over the summer of 2014 I supported him at various gigs where he made me proud and did his stand up routine in front of complete strangers - that took guts and confidence.
He beat the frog at The Frog & Bucket and entered Biekellers Got Talent and made it through to the final and he did a few various gigs at different charity events.

2015 will hopefully see him going further, you never know, he could be the next big thing.

Our First Wedding Anniversary In Lanzarote - Last year we booked a last minute 2 week holiday to Lanzarote, after getting married in Cyprus, we wanted to spend out first wedding anniversary in the sunshine, we had a lovely relaxing 2 weeks in Playa Blanca, it was my second time in Lanzarote and it was a lovely break away with Daz just the two of us.
It was the perfect way to celebrate out first wedding anniversary - you can read all about our holiday here.

Getting Luna - Getting another cat was totally unplanned and it was something we were thinking of doing eventually, then out of the blue in October we ended up with Luna.
 We found out through a friend someone was wanting homes for 8 week old kittens, an inquiry turned into getting a kitten the very next day before we were even prepared for another cat - we are so glad we got her, she fitted into our family so quickly and our other cat took to her within days - Luna was a complete surprise but I'm glad we got her.
No more cats for now.

Lastly a few other things happened in 2014......

I got a fringe cut..... only do decide to grow it out a few months later.

I met my favourite author Paige Toon again at her book signing in Water Stones in Manchester.

I got a new part time job at Peacocks which is where I am still working now.

I visited the Coronation Street Set and me and Daz got our photo in the Rovers Return Pub.

 I got to see my bestie Rachel who lives in Nottingham a few times this year too.

I got to go on plenty of walks with my favourite pup Sasha.

Lastly Christmas 2014 was a good one, I got truly spoilt and I had a lovely day at the Manchester Christmas Markets swapping presents with the girls in December.
I can't believe Christmas celebrations are over again for another year.

2014 was full of memories and I can't wait to make new ones in 2015.

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