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The One Where I Went to #FriendsFest ♥

First all all I wanted to start this post with a little update, I feel like I've neglected my blog an awful lot lately and I think it's because I have struggled with producing content that I think my readers will want to read.
So I've decided to go back to my roots and the reason I began my blog.
I wanted a place to share the things I got up to, I can't keep up with fashion related OOTD'S it's not me and while I loved doing them sorts of post's I want to keep my blog original, after all it's my little corner of the web.
I may throw a wish list in here and OOTD post their sometimes but expect to see more posts about the things I have been doing and what I have been up to and beauty related posts - I still love writing these as they incorporate in my everyday life.

If you do still read my blog - thank you for sticking with me and still taking the time to read my posts, as with every blogger, it means a lot when people take time to read your posts.

But enough blabbing back to my original post......

A few weeks ago I hopped on the train down to the east end of London for the day with my husband and brother in law to have the ultimate friends experience.
Tickets were only £5 off the Comedy Central website, tickets were limited  and sold out super fast online too so I feel pretty lucky that I got to visit the iconic sets they re-made to look exactly like they do in the sitcom.

I do love Friends and I can probably say I have seen each episode about 10 times, but it never gets old for me and Comedy Central UK have even announced that the channel will remain the exclusive TV home of Friends for the next 4 years - YAY!

The Boiler House on Brick Lane was transformed and gave us the chance to visit and get photo's in "Monica's Apartment"  we loved getting all our photo opportunity's in here.
Even trying to sneek a peak at "Ugly Naked Guy"
Everything looked exactly like Monica's apartment and it was quite impressive.
We had a time slot to go in a take photos and we had roughly 10 minutes in Monica's apartment so we could get photos and have a look around.
Their was even a really sweet moment when a guy proposed to his girlfriend on set too - que the awww's.

We got a free tea and coffee in Central Perk along with lots of free biscuits - They went down a treat.

Before getting some "Umbrella" shots outside, luckily we couldn't have picked a more perfect day to go to London - we even had a fountain.

The boys tried out the lazy boy recliners in Joey and Chandler's apartment.

While I had a go on Phoebe's guitar and played "Smelly Cat"

Their was also many of the real props and memorabilia from the show which you can see below, from Rachel's scan picture to Joey and Chandlers famous ceramic dog "Pat" which remained a running gag throughout the show.

I had such a fun few hours here getting lots of photo opportunity's and living the the "Friends" dream.
There was also a Rachel Hair Salon where you get a "Rachel Bob" who else wanted her hair throughout the whole series??
Their was a little bit of a queue for this area so I avoided it and went back onto the set of Monica's apartment for even more photos - you only get one opportunity right.
It was a fun experience and we even get some photo booth fun fitted in too, see the photo at the end of this post - I got to wear a wedding dress too.
Considering the tickets were only £5 we certainly got a great bargain with many interactive and fun things to get involved with, a must for any friends fan.

Did you go to Friends Fest???
If You Did What did you think of it??

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