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24 Hours In Liverpool With Travel Lodge, Paper Towns and A Mini Primark Haul ♥

A couple of weeks ago Travel Lodge invited me and my husband to spend a night in Liverpool, due to work commitments we could only stay the one night, but it was still nice to spend some time together away in a different city for the night which we really appreciated.
Liverpool is a 60 minute journey away from our home town near Manchester so it was quite easy to hop on the train round the corner and see what there was to see in Liverpool.

We stayed in Liverpool Central The Strand Travel Lodge which was across the road from the famous "Liverpool Docks" and 10 minutes away from the local shopping center "Liverpool One"
As soon as we arrived we walked from the train station which was about a 15 minute walk to our hotel, we were checked in and in our room within 5 minutes.

Our room was extremely clean with all the basic necessities we needed for our nights stay.
We had a kettle with with tea and coffee and a flat screen television on the wall.
The bed was extremely comfy and I had a good nights sleep for a change.
Because it was summer, we only a had a thin sheet on our bed - a thicker duvet folded up on the shelf was optional and we also had a fan to stay cool.
The bathroom had a shower - we didn't use that because we only stayed the one night - but for a nights stay in Liverpool, you have everything you need to feel comfortable and at home.
Our room overlooked the docks and it was a lovely warm sunny day when we arrived, I think we picked the perfect day.

As soon as we had got settled in we headed out to the docks to enjoy the sunshine and have a few drinks and some food.

We had a walk around the docks in the sunshine and grabbed a 99 each from the ice cream van, it's been rare eating an ice cream this year, I don't think we've had the opportunity to enjoy enough days out in the sunshine together.
We walked around all the shops that were around the docks, there was a museum with free access but we have already visited that museum so we decided to leave that.
We went into the famous sweet shop and bought lots of sweets - it's a wonder we still have teeth.
After a little walk, the sunshine made us want to sit down and have a cocktail or two so we found the perfect spot outside Revolution facing this lovely view.

It also happened to be "Happy Hour" so we opted for the bubblegum "Blanc Canvas" while it looked extremely nice, it really lacked it's bubblegum flavour so I was happy I didn't have to pay £7,50 each for these - I don't think I'll bother with one of these next time.
We stayed here for about hour while we sipped our drinks and actually had chance to talk - it's not that we don't talk at home - sometimes it's just nice to get away from social media and busy everyday life.

After our drinks we started to get hungry because we hadn't really had much for lunch so we headed round the corner to Pizza Express, we had a taste card so we got our mains and starters on 2 for 1.
We had yummy cheesy garlic bread and pizza, I absolutely adore Pizza Express pizzas and I was not disappointed.
I'm a weirdo and I always order the spiciest one off the menu, I oped for the "Diavolo"
Does anyone else love this pizza??

After our meal at Pizza Express - we avoided dessert.
We headed back to our room for an hour or so to relax before we decided to head off to the local Odeon in Liverpool One.
I had been wanting to see Paper Towns since it came out after reading John Green's book.
So we headed to the local shops to get some goodies for the cinema - I well and truly blew my diet this day.

I hate to say this but I was majorly let down by Paper Towns, 
The book was so much better, I think I expected a lot from this film because "The Fault In Our Stars" was such an amazing film.
Don't get me wrong, their were parts that I found really funny in this film and it was okay to watch.
But...I think I was expecting more from the ending.
Did anyone think this film was a bit of a let down??

After we got out of the cinema, it was about 10.30 so we headed back to our hotel for a few drinks in the bar and watched the workmen painting road markings on the floor - believe me it was more fascinating than it sounded, I'd always wondered how it was done.
It was just after midnight when we decided to call it a night and actually go to bed.

We got up the following morning at about 8.30, breakfast was included in our night's stay and it was served till 10.00am, their was plenty of choice to choose from and it was really yummy.
Just what we wanted to wake up too.
The staff at this Travel Lodge were so lovely and welcoming and that made me want to come back to this hotel again in the future if we ever have a show or concert to come and watch at the "Echo Arena".
So thank you very much Travel Lodge for having us.

We had to go and get our train at 12.00pm because my hubby had work at 4.00pm but before went for the train, we went for a wander around the shops and came across the "Liverpool Cavern Club" which is a contemporary music venue that has included performances by the famous "Beatles"

After a quick wander round here, we headed over to Primark to see what this one had to offer and I ended up buying two new tops.

This khaki long sleeve shirt which was a steal at only £10.00 and this pretty cream crochet edged top, can you believe this was only £6.00.

We had a lovely 24 hours in Liverpool and it was nice to get away from Manchester for the night.
Hopefully we'll find ourselves here again soon in the future for a bit longer so we can explore some more.

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