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My Trip To Paris & A Mini Guide | Part 1 | Where We Stayed and What We Ate ♥

If you didn't already know, 2 months ago me and my bestie Rachel from "Life Of A Sweetaholic" hopped on a plane from Manchester Airport over to Paris.
It was the BEST city break I have ever taken and I was so surprised how quick we got there - put it this way I could fly to Paris and back and I'd still make it home before I got to London on the train.

Before I went I had this vision in my head of what this city would be like - I genuinely believe I was in love with the city before I went, going just made me love Paris even more.

- I treated myself in duty free -

We stayed in a little B&B that was on the doorstep of the Eiffel Tower, it was literally a 15 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower/shops/restaurants so ideal really especially if like me you don't know the city at all.
The hotel was called Campanile Paris 15 - Tour Eiffel  - you can view it here - LINK - through trip advisor.
It was pretty basic, I'll be honest but considering how much time we spent here as long as we got sleep that was all that mattered, I've already booked the same hotel to go back in September with my husband.
We booked our flights with AirFrance via Travel Republic and saved a fortune and even got 15KGS of luggage each which came in handy for bringing all them souvenirs and food back.

- Selfie In Our Hotel -

When we landed our hotel was about a 60 minute ride so we used the Uber taxi app on our phone, beware though you may need to know some french, our taxi driver rang us and I couldn't understand a word, luckily there was a guard on hand to translate.
Taxi's are an option but beware of them overcharging, our ride was about 25 euros but I heard one woman at our hotel got charged 65 euro's "OUCH"
There are plenty of other ways you can get to your hotel like the "metro" especially if your hotel is near a metro station, which our's was.
You can also get the bus, just make sure you check routes and times before you go because the last thing you want to do is get lost.


We ate so much yummy food while were away, the photos above explain that.
 The food in Paris is just to die for and if you have a sweet tooth, your in for a bloody treat, I could of ate my body weight in pancakes over there.
We only spent three days there but we made sure we sampled some of the french favourites including Croque Monsieur which was a ham toastie with cheese and egg on top - I'm already drooling.
I was told before I went that it's more expensive to eat outside, we didn't find this was the case where we stayed but do check the menu inside compared to the one outside, restaurants can be sneaky.
I didn't find food to be overly pricey either, I think its just a case of deciding where to eat, I'm quite happy with any type of food to be honest.
Because we were near the Eiffel Tower too, me and Rachel went to the supermarket most nights and got nibbles and drinks to snack on in the evening on the grass just in front of the Eiffel Tower.
I saw lots of people with picnics and drinks and it was the perfect end to a tiring day on your feet.
A glass of wine with the Eiffel Tower glittering away on the hour really was and still is my idea of a perfect night.

I'd recommend Pizza a' Emporter for pizza, it was just around the corner from where we stayed and it was honestly the best pizza I have ever had.

Every night was spent sitting under here, from 9 o'clock the Eiffel Tower glittered on the hour for roughly 5 minutes, and so many people gathererd to watch it.
It really is one of them moments that truly take your breath away.

In my next post I will be popping up photos and telling you all about the trips that we took and places we visited so keep your eye out for part 2.

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