Sunday, 21 June 2015

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I am always on the look out for new beauty products and I had been eyeing the benefit brow zings kit up (I almost bought it in Paris.) 
This little eye brow kit arrived into my work a few weeks ago now, I work at Peacocks and we do stock W7 make up - which may be handy to know for some of  you - I've included the Amazon link where I found this cheapest for you savyy savers too.

This little kit comes in a handy tin and contains everything you need to create perfect eyebrows.
Well almost nearly everything - I didn't like the brush that came with it very much, it was a little too thick and I couldn't really give my eyebrows a good enough shape.
I  think I much prefer my real techniques brushes for that, the eye brow comb on the other side of the brush it comes with however was quite good.

You get some mini tweezers which are quite good quality and the handy little size makes them perfect for getting out the tiniest of hairs.

The brow colours come in two different shades - I opted for the darker shade.
There is also brow wax to fix your brows and colour in place and a highlighter to apply afterwards just underneath your brows to define them,

I love to shape my eyebrows every day and I'm always on the quest for the perfect brow.

I was quite impressed with this kit, the eyebrow powder last all days and stays put and it is subtle enough to look natural - If you want to save money and opt for a more budget friendly brow kit.
I would 100% recommend this kit - just not the brush it comes with.

The finished look below.....

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