Monday, 22 June 2015

My Top 5 June Faves ♥

It's been a while since I did this sort of post - January to be in fact and it was such a popular post of mine.
I think I will start posting these monthly again - You can read my previous January favourites post here if you ever missed that - LINK.

These below have been my favourite beauty products so far this month.

 - Herbal Essences Naked Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner - 

I haven't been to well for the past 3 weeks with a viral bug which actually caused a nasty rash nearly all over my body - I'm getting over it now, but this has made me want to shampoo in something that wasn't going to irritate my skin with a perfumed scent.
I'm a huge fan of herbal essences and I've rarely switched shampoo for years, this brand just seems to work so well for my hair and is the secret to it's shine.
This particular shampoo and conditioner has no silicone, colorants, and parabens in it which makes it ideal if you have sensitive skin like me.
Even without all these, this shampoo and conditioner still leaves your hair feeling clean and incredibly soft.
With a  hint of mint in it too, it feels soothing on your scalp and it leaves your hair feeling nourished and healthy.
I think this is my new fave at the minute.

- *I Love... Coconut & Cream Collection - LINK -

I can only describe this collection as heavenly and it is the perfect summer 2015 combo.
I love the creamy smell of coconut when I use this shower smoothie, there are little exfoliating bits it which scrub off all your dead skin cells and it leaves your skin feeling soft and clean and smelling yummy.
The bubble bath doubles up as a shower cream and the hand cream is just like OMG, the scent does last for a while and keeps your hands nice and moisturized.
I think the I Love... collection is such a good buy, the products aren't overpriced and they all smell amazing.

- *The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Collection - LINK. - 

New to The Body Shop this Virgin Mojito collection has everything you need this summer.
With it's lovely zesty lime and crushed mint scent from the caribbean - it smells just like the famous Mojito cocktail which happens to be my favourite cocktail too.
I love The Body Shop butters and this virgin mojito one is no exception.
Perfect for sun drenched skin straight out the shower, I have enjoyed using the body splash too - it's a little tricky to apply without it getting everywhere but when rubbed into your body you feel so invigorated.

  - Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation - 

I've recently purchased this and I've been using it for about a month now.
I love how light it feels on your skin, it has a smart tone technology in it so you have perfectly flawless skin no matter what kind of light you apply it it.
Enhanced with Sapphire radiance too it also gives your skin an illuminating glow.
I have quite oily skin and this foundation doesn't feel to heavy on my skin, and it blends over imperfections really well, a little bit also goes a long way.
I was using the Rimmel Wake me up foundation, but for the summer months when I want to wear something lighter on my skin - this will most likely be my go to foundation.

- *Travalo Refillable Fragrance Portable Spray - LINK -

I don't know where I have been without one of these before.
Gone are the days when I have to carry a full sized bottle of perfume around with me in my bag.
These handy 5ml sprays mean that you can fill them up with your favourite fragrance on the go and refill it when it empties.
With an indicator window, you can also see how much perfume you have left and it refills in seconds so you never waste any perfume and your perfume is never contaminated with exposure to the air by a simple pump up and down action on your perfume bottle.
Travalo is the perfect festival and airport essential and its handy little size means it can fit in the smallest of bags and it's shatterproof too.

What do you think of this months beauty faves.
Have you used any of these.

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