Monday, 18 May 2015

National Smile Month: Why You Should Always Keep Smiling ♥

The 18th May to 18th June is National Smile Month and to celebrate National Smile Month  wanted me to share with you why I think it is so important to look after your smile.

When I was younger I wasn't very good at looking after my teeth, they weren't really something I was proud off, I never had a brace growing up so I grew up with crooked front teeth which used to be the focus of bullying when I went to an all girls school, as I got older I realized how much I really did want a smile I could be proud off - and partly because I wanted to look perfect for my wedding day.

So as the big day go nearer I went to a private dental clinic to see what options were available, to cut a long story short, invisalign wasn't a permanent option for me and adult braces were far to expensive so I went down the veneer route which is where a thin layer pf porcelain is put over your existing tooth, a bit like a false nail over a finger nail, in order to give me straighter teeth and a smile I was proud to show off - since having this new smile 2 and a half years ago I have done nothing but look after my smile and my remaining teeth.

I think it's extremely important to get a check up every 6 months and get your teeth cleaned by an oral hygienist ( I get mine done twice a year) and most importantly floss every night and brush your teeth at least twice a day - morning and night.
Invest in  good electronic tooth brush, I have one with a 2 minute timer which tells you when you should swap sides so your teeth get a good overall clean.
I have also cut down on my sugary sweets and drinks, these can be harmful to your tooth enamel and I do try to use a tooth paste that hardens and strengthens remaining tooth enamel.

Your teeth are extremely important and they should be looked after, so if you are putting off going to the dentist, you could end up putting off far worse.

The Center Of Advanced Dentistry has put together 25 top tips to healthy mouth which you can read here - LINK.

My smile means a lot more to me than it used to and I've discovered how important looking after your teeth now is - its never too late to start.

Have a smile you can be proud off - and don't forget "Life Is Always Better With A Smile"

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