Sunday, 3 May 2015

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I absolutely adore wall art, you only need to look on my Instagram to see that my bedroom is full of inspirational and well known quotes hanging here there and everywhere - and is a collection that will keep growing - even more so when me and my husband finally buy our first home this year hopefully.

The beautiful pictures and quotes shown above are from a new online shop I have discovered and have spent hours trawling through called Minted. 
Minted is a design marketplace, they source content from a global community of independent artists which in turn is sold in the form home decor and to you.
This means that all the designs you see are all unique and one of a kind.

I have created a wish list of my favourite art pieces from Minted, these art pieces can be framed ready to hang on your wall, or you can simply buy the pictures as prints.
There are so many to choose from and some prints can be personalized with your own photo's as gifts for friends or family - such as the one below.

You can visit Minted here link you'll be guaranteed to find something your will love.

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