Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Beanies | Scrummy Flavored Instant Coffee ♥

*Beanies Flavored Instant Coffee - LINK - £2.50

I love a good cup of coffee, especially in the morning, so when these flavored coffee's arrived from Beanies I could't wait to try them.
The most adventurous I have been is trying a Caramel Macchiato - so I was a little intrigued, after all I wasn't sure if coffee and chocolate would work, I never combine the two - but I was pleasantly surprised.

Beanies have been making coffee since 2009 and it's pretty yummy in my opinion.
Each flavour has a subtle hit and it isn't too over powering.

I was sent the following flavours to try:

Double Chocolate - Smooth milky chocolate flavour coffee without all the added calories.
Chocolate Orange - Lovely and Orangey - a bit like a Terry's Chocolate Orange in a mug.
Gingerbread - The perfect winter coffee ( I know it's summer soon..but gingerbread always reminds me of Autumn & Christmas) - I can see myself drinking this on cold winter nights - it's got a tasty spice to it.
Amaretto Almond - I have saved the best till last, this tastes just like Battenburg and I absolutely love a mug of this in the afternoon - I would even recommend eating a slice of Battenburg with this (winky face)

There are are a variety off different flavours to suit your taste buds, including decaf if your a little sensitive to caffeine.
"All servings contain less than 2 calories and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans."

You can visit Beanies here - LINK - and view there range of flavoured coffee.

Which One Would You Pick??


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