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My Travel Bucket List Destinations ♥

When I was asked if I wanted to participate in this competition to see the Northern Lights with #Transun I couldn't say no, 
I have serious wanderlust and visiting the Northern Lights has always been number 1 on my bucket list - I'm seriously not just saying that.

Which concludes to me writing this post:

My Top 3 Travel Bucket List Destinations

I have been lucky in my life to visit some truly exciting countries and cities, all which I have saved and worked hard for. This photo above was taken in 2011 when me and my husband went to the Maldives - if you had asked me 5 years ago what my top three bucket list destinations were, you would of found the Maldives in my top three - but since I have already been I wanted to include a cheeky photo.
I'm in love with the sort of places that have true beauty about them and leave you speechless.

Destination 1: Iceland To See The Northern Lights.

Now I'm not going to enter a competition without putting this destination as my number 1 place to go if I could, I would do absolutely anything to see the beautiful "Aurora Borealis" the name itself is just so beautiful.
The few times England has been able to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights me and my husband have got in the car to go for a drive just to catch a glimpse - we haven't yet.
But I can only imagine how breath taking it would truly be.
It's not just the Northern lights we would love to see either we have always wanted to visit Iceland - the views look incredible and I have always wanted to take a bath in the natural hot springs - I've heard the water does amazing things for your skin.
Exploring new cultures and ways of life is always exciting to discover.

Destination 2: New York.

Me and my husband both desperately want to visit New York, it looks like such an amazing eye opening, busy place to be because there is something always going on - perfect for the adventurer in us - I doubt we would ever get bored in New York.
Plus where else could I flag down a yellow cab - sad I know but it's on my bucket list.
We'd both love to visit the Empire State Building, The Statue Of Liberty, Central Park and some of the Broad Way Shows.
Who doesn't want to visit the city that never sleeps.

Destination 3: Thailand.

Finally I will always blame the film "The Beach" for making me want to go here, the tropical beaches and the clear waters just scream out paradise to me and I've always wanted to tick off riding an elephant here off my bucket list.
I'd love to visit the "Phi Phi" islands which was where they actually filmed some of the scenes for "The Beach" it just looks so beautiful.
As well as try the local delicacies and explore the history of the island.
I've always wanted to try snorkeling properly too - something I got a taste for in the Maldives.
One day I will go to Thailand...

So there you go, if money wasn't an option I'd visit these three destinations in a heartbeat.

You too can enter this competition - it ends tomorrow on the 30th April 2015 at 00.00 - terms and conditions of this competition can be read here - LINK.

Does Your Bucket List Look Like Mine Or Have You Had The Chance To Visit Any Of The Places??

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