Monday, 9 March 2015

The 10 Joys & Perils That Come With Owning A Cat.... ♥

As demonstrated and written by Jimjam and Luna...

1. We like to run around and get into as much mischief as possible, usually after midnight or the early hours of the morning when your likely to be sleeping, it's more fun that way.

2. Don't expect to go to the toilet, have a shower or do anything ALONE, we will be there watching, waiting... we always need to know where you are ALWAYS.
Even at 2 o'clock in the morning we have to escort you to the kitchen and back when you get a drink

3. When we want something, usually dreamies we will look at you like this till you cave - we know you just can't resist them big eyes of ours.

4. We like to drink from the tap in the bath, it's more fun when we sit there and stare at it first for a very long time, it drives mum mad - then after half an hour we decide we'd much prefer it from the sink instead.

5. We love to unravel the toilet roll and shred it to's just so much fun.

6. Any spot that is yours will be claimed as our own.... that includes your pillow.

7. We love paper bags, we live for the days you go shopping in Primark, those particular bags are our favourite.

8. We love to fall asleep on you, normally just before you need to get up or you need to get the remote control, we are always so much more comfier.

9. We have our unique way of waking you up, especially at 5,30 in the morning when its time for breakfast, we also like to knock things off the side - sometimes it makes a nice change from your usual alarm clock.

10. No matter how naughty we can be sometimes, we want your attention because we love you and we will always be there for you, like you are for us.

Jimjam & Luna x

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