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February PurrBoxes - The Monthly Cat Box Of Toys & Treats ♥

*February PurrBoxes - £9.95 - Link.

Jimjam and Luna got a treat this month when this box of goodies from PurrBoxes came through my letterbox.
They were quite excited when I opened the package, particularly because it was a box - they had a good few hours of fun on Saturday morning taking it in turns to sit inside the box and play with tissue paper that came with it after I had unpacked everything.

This months PurrBox was February's, each month there is a cut of date you need to order by so you can receive your box on time - I have already subscribed to March's box.
For £9.95 a month and with no obligation to sign up to a subscription  - you can order single boxes too - you get enough goodies i'd say for one cat - for this instance Jimajm & Luna have shared.

In February's box Jimjam & Luna received:

* An Applaws Tuna Lion - which went down a right treat and didn't even touch the sides of there bowls.
*Wag Prrrrr Treats - Very tasty treats which I am still using for bribery.
*2 x Webbex Salami's - Jimjam & Luna have already tried these and they love them, it really is like a snack sized salami for your cat.
* A Months Supply Of Catnip - Which these two love, it sends them on a little bit of a crazy hype for about 10 minutes.
* A Months Supply Of Grass Seed's & Two Compost Pellets - I'm still yet to actually plant this, my two are indoor kitties so I'll make sure they do get to try this because it is beneficial for digestion (you get clear instructions included on how to plant this)
*Two Cat Toys Filled With Catnip - These are now probably under the sofa along with 1057886 cat toys, Luna in particular loved playing with these - kittens love everything.
* A Mint Glacier Sweet - Apparently mint is closely related to catnip and some cats like minty breath (my two weren't bothered) but it was an interesting fact.
*A Empty Box & Tissue Paper - A Cats Paradise.
*Free Delivery - What more can you ask for?

Overall I think this box is a fantastic way of treating your kitties each month without spending too much and it gives you something both to look forward too.
Your cats gets to try new foods, certain types of cat foods are only available in multi packs and if you have a pair as fussy as mine (they only eat gourmet and it has to be the fish variety in gravy) then this is a good way of letting them try something new.
You can also spend a bit of time playing with your kitties with some one on one time with the toys provided, not only will you get enjoyment out of it but your cat will appreciate the play time - especially if you have indoor cats like me - they need a lot of stimulation and exercise.
Each months box comes with a supply of cat grass seeds and compost pellets and catnip ensuring you don't run out.
You also get a bit of extra info about the featured product in your box - this months was the Tuna Lion and all treats come with listed ingredients.

Checking Out The Box - Jimjam was attracted to the Tuna Lion.
Luna playing fetch - her favourite game.

You can order your box by visiting PurrBoxes here - LINK.
All you simply do is fill out all your info and your box gets addressed personally to your cat - I can only imagine the look on my postman's face when he delivered mine.
Subscriptions are set up by direct debit which you can cancel at any point and the box is big enough to fit through your letterbox and comes neatly packaged up with all  the cat goodies inside via Royal Mail second class.
I was really pleased with this months box and so were my kitties.
 I can't wait to see what they receive in March's box.

Will you be treating your kitties this month??

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