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The Book Of Daz | Valentines Day Gift Inspiration ♥

*The Book Of Everyone Valentines Edition - £19.50 - Link.

If your still looking for the perfect gift to buy your other half for Valentines Day, then here is a thoughtful and unique way of saying I Love You.
Buy him/her The Book Of Everyone Valentines Edition.
This isn't the first time I have ordered from this website, I actually ordered my grandad one of these books for Christmas just gone and he absolutely loved it and was blown away by the thoughtfulness.

I have taken a few photos of the inside the book that I will be giving to Daz this Valentines Day so you can have a sneak peek and it will also give you an idea of what the The Book Of Everyone Valentines Edition has inside.
My hubby is banned off my blog till the end of next week so he won't see this post.

The Book Of Everyone Valentines Edition is quite similar to the original Book Of Everyone, except a few pages have been changed so you can add your own personal touch especially for Valentines Day.
As well as that each book is filled with interesting facts, statistics and a look back in time to when they were born, you can also include your own personalised comments and photos - such as the baby photo of Daz in the photos above - he's going to kill me for using that picture. (thanks mother in law)
The book is available in 4 different editions - Digital - £7.50 - Softcover - £19.50 - Hardcover - £29.50 - Deluxe Edition - so there is an expense to suit everyone.

"What I love about this book is that it is personal to each individual and it is an original gift idea, every year I try and hunt down a one of a kind gift and this one happens to be one of my favourites at the minute and it will be a keepsake forever."

The people at The Book Of Everyone have recently added The Book Of Mum and The Book Of Dad especially for Mother Day & Fathers Day coming up I think they would be a fantastic gift to give this year.
If you are ordering one of these books for Valentines Day there are a few cut off dates to ensure you receive it on time.

Hardcover Books & Deluxe Versions need to be ordered by - Saturday 7th February before 3.00pm.
Softcover Books by - Tuesday the 10th February before 3.00pm.
Digital Books by - Saturday 14th February.

Also for free for Valentines Day, you can also make a personalized Love Heart - like the one below - spelling out your names to share on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest, by clicking HERE.

Do you think this is a good gift idea for Valentines Day?
Will you be buying one?

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