Monday, 16 February 2015

Feel Good February | Show Yourself Some Love ♥

February is usually the month you show your significant other how much you love them on "Valentines Day"
But I think we get a little bit too caught up with this and everyday life in general and we do forget to take a few minutes each day to show ourselves a bit of LOVE....
Daily we are constantly surrounded by images in magazines, television and social media sites that in our mind we think are "perfect" sometimes when I see these pictures I have them moments of self doubt like some of us do time to time, it's the all to familiar "I'm not pretty enough" or "I wish I had her body, job, life" it can be a vicious cycle of comparing ourselves to others.
But personally - and I'm guilty of this - we don't take time out in our busy everyday lives, to look in a mirror and say what we love about ourselves, instead of comparing.

As part of a campaign I was asked to participate in, I had to spend a few minutes each day looking in this *mirror - usually when I was doing my make up - and personally tell myself what I loved about me and why I thought I was awesome.
It meant giving myself a compliment daily which I do struggle with.

I'm quite an insecure person at times and I do find myself comparing myself to others a lot more than I should - I mean we are only human.
Personally I never mind a good selfie, when people do post them, my first conclusion isn't always to think that it's vanity related.
I think if you think you look good, or you feel great, tell people, its better to build each other up rather than tear each other down, sometimes we need to see that as the bigger picture.
Don't be ashamed of posting a photo if you think your make up, hair, or your outfit looks good that day, its okay to feel good about yourself and most of all give yourself a bit of self love.

This campaign made me realize that I should compliment myself more on a daily basis, even about things that I have achieved recently that I should be proud of, especially if others haven't given you recognition  for it.
Its not just telling yourself what you love about about yourself in terms of looks but the un- materialistic things too and why you think YOU are amazing.

One of the things I have done to help me this year was starting my "Happy Jar" you can read my post about that here.
Each day I write down a single thing that has made me happy, this has included a bit of self love and a compliment every now and again to remind me what I love about myself and my life.
At the end of the year I intend on reading all of these (all 365) of them.

So next time your scrolling through your social media sites or flicking through a magazine or your watching television and you start to get them familiar feelings of self doubt.
Stop them in their tracks and focus on the reasons why you love you and your life, take a few minutes each day to think about these things and start your day with some positivity.

Do you give yourself enough self love?


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