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Wedding | My Top 10 Tips To Picking The Right Wedding Dress ♥

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My wedding feels like such a lifetime ago - time flies that fast - and my wedding related posts at the time were so popular, I wanted to write a post for old times sake.
Wedding dress shopping was quite a stressful but exciting time for me and I truly miss it - it was the most magical part about planning my wedding, getting to try on beautiful dresses of all shapes.

Those of you who are new to my blog can catch up on my wedding and the planning here - there is a whole page dedicated to it with all my posts throughout my journey as a bride to be.

For those of you getting married who have stumbled onto this post or are having a read because you love a good wedding related post I've put together my top tips when it comes to picking your wedding dress.
I learnt a few important things that I didn't know while I was a bride to be and I hope anyone picking a dress finds these tips useful.

1. When first picking a dress I had a little look online first, I didn't really have any idea of what kind of dress I was after and I thought having a look online would give me some sort of idea - it helps to get an idea of exactly what your looking for and you can print out photos and make a scrapbook - not only is it free (wedding magazines can be quite pricey) but you can take your scrapbook with you when you go wedding dress shopping.

2. Always go dress shopping on a day when you know you will feel comfortable - there is nothing worse than trying on dresses when your having one of you "fat/bloated" days - you know what us girls can be like and you want to feel good.

3. Keep an open mind when trying on any dress, I had an idea of what kind of dress I wanted but I tried on lots of different styles including the ones I thought I wouldn't be seen dead in, sometimes a dress looks better on that it does on the hanger and it's lots of fun - I tried on 28 before I found "the one."

4. Don't make do with the first one you fall in love with, I did this with a £3,000 dress I saw, it was stunning but way over budget, instead I took a photo wearing it knowing I could return and order it if I wanted to, turns out I ended up picking a completely different dress instead.

5. Don't take to many people with you when you go and try you go trying dresses on, as much as you want to take your 10 bridesmaids with you, I went with just my mother in law, you want to keep your trying on as stress free as possible and some wedding boutiques are quite small.

6. When you do find "the one" don't rush into buying it, buying a wedding dress for me was like buying our sofas from DFS, it was a lot of money to spend on one item and I felt really unconformable spending that much, not because it wasn't worth it but because I wasn't used to parting with so much cash.
I decided with my "mother in laws words of wisdom" to think about it and discuss it with my husband to be first, if I wanted it, one night wasn't going to make a difference.
Always try and ask for a discount too, I manged to get a £100 knocked off my dress and I got free alterations too.

7. When you do find "the one" make sure the shop you buy it from has insurance or you get insurance, its a small price to pay to make sure the unexpected doesn't happen, if that company goes into administration or there is a fire, your dress is covered.

8. When your dress finally arrives in the shop and you go to try it on or even if your trying it on at home, try and style your hair and make up similar to how your going to have it on the big day, it gives you an idea of the finished look - also make sure someone has a camera handy too, a dress can look different on a picture than it does when you see it in the mirror.

9. Make sure you go for plenty of fittings, I had about three - one when I tried the dress on, one when it arrived in and one a few weeks before the big day, make sure you give plenty of time for any alterations that may need doing , also its a good idea to try on any underwear you have picked to wear with your dress along with your shoes/veil/jewelry ect.

10. Finally.... on the big day make sure you truly feel like a princess and take lots of a photos, you only get one day to wear a dress as magical as this.

Below is a photo from my wedding day in Cyprus, I love this photo because my dress just hangs so beautifully, I wore a small hoop under mine, this really helped me to feel more comfortable in the heat and gave me a bit of "air conditioning" under the dress.
With a corset sewn inside it really helped to keep me in all day especially after our three course sit down meal.
I really wish I could redo my wedding day and wear this dress all over again.

I hope these tips were helpful to any bride to be.

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