Tuesday, 6 January 2015

D.I.Y | My 2015 Happy Jar ♥

I'm a few days late jumping on this bandwagon, but I've seen a few lovelies on my instagram page who have created one of these jars and I was inspired to make my own.
I can never often remember everything I did in a year, so this little jar is a nice way to remember any "MEMORIES, QUOTES, FUN TIMES, THINGS TO REMEMBER, PERSPECTIVES, MUSINGS & ACCOMPLISHMENTS." that have happened in 2015.
I found this fab free printable label (which I have used) via Pinterest on this lovely ladies blog (thank you Vicky) -  or you can just create your own.
I went to my local home bargains and picked up a jar for only £2.99 - its vintage to it fits perfectly in our bedroom - but any sort of jar will do (even your old Yankee candle jars)
Each day for 365 days you write down one of the above "THAT IS RELATED TO YOUR DAY" on a small piece of paper (you can buy small square pieces of coloured paper from any stationary shop) or simply cut up a piece of A4 like I did, it doesn't need to be perfect.
Then on New Years Eve 2015, spend an hour or so reflecting on your past year by reading through all these little pieces of paper - its a sure good way to remember the year you had.

My jar cost under £4.00 to make - the fancy pieces of ribbon were from Poundland (you can get a set on pieces of cardboard from the craft section) 
This jar is nice little reminder that maybe your year wasn't so bad, especially if it didn't feel like it was a good year .
If like me your a few days late, just pop a few memories down you can remember from the past however many days or write down quotes you have seen that have stood out to you - I particularly like to get my inspiration from weheartit.

Let me know if you decide to make one of these, if you have - I'd love to see yours.

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