Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Awkward Vs Awesome ♥

After searching good old Pinterest for some blogging inspiration (I feel like I've hit a wall recently) I came across this post idea, not only is it refreshing but I think it can be also be very entertaining for my readers and my future self when I look back. I'm trying to mix things up on my blog and write more about the things that happen in my life as well as my beauty and fashion related posts.....
So hopefully here is a more frequent post you might be seeing in the future.....
A monthly rundown of my "Awkward vs Awesome" collection of moments.


- Texting a work college - I was asking if we can swap shifts and explained why in my usual essay style only to have the "Deccan Indian Restaurant"  text me back to kindly tell me I have the wrong number, turns out the name "Dexter" in my phone book was right next to my local takeaway "CRINGE"

- The bus driver under charging me on the bus - when I sat down and realized I started panicking about it that much that on the way off the bus I informed the bus driver and offered to pay more, the bus driver didn't even recognize me or even have a clue what I was on about.... I whispered a squeaky thanks and made a quick exit off the bus (I'm too honest)

- Nipping to the loo when the adverts started for "The Theory Of Everything" - only to walk back into the pitch black cinema room, making my way back to the top of the stairs to my seat to realize that not only could I not see my husband, but someone else was sat in my seat, I turned around to the screen to see that "Exodus - Gods Of Kings"  was about to start and I was in fact in the wrong screen, I don't think I've ever moved so fast. (Turns out screen 6 wasn't screen 7)


- That glitch on the the New Look website - It meant I got £15.00 off a £15.00 spend so I bought two tops instead of one and it only cost me £10.98 plus free click and collect.

- Winning at bowling after 3 glasses of wine - I went to All Star Lanes in Manchester on my most recent night out at the weekend for a friends birthday, us girls teamed up with the boys, I wasn't even trying that hard.... I'm too flukey when it comes to bowling or pool.

- That kind bus driver-  He let me on the bus for free on the way home from work, not only did you save me £2.50 but you also made my Monday that little bit better....Thanks!!

Have you had any relateable Awkward VS Awesome moments like me this month?
Did you enjoy this post???

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