Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas | What Santa Left Under My Tree ♥

I never mind these types of posts, blogging is a community and if we can't share what we got for Christmas on our blogs, what else can't we do??

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas - I spent mine at my grandma's and grandad's for the day with my hubby - its been a Christmas day tradition since I was a baby and I  absolutely love spending time with my grandparents.
My grandma always cooks dinner for us from scratch which always tastes amazing and we usually have mince pies and custard for dessert, this year we had Christmas pudding - I can't say I enjoyed it though, it was the first and will be the last time I eat that again.
The rest of the day was spent, eating (we also had a buffet for tea) and dying from food overload and watching Christmas TV.

I don't have a large family but I still always manage to get spoilt by my family and friends and everything I got this year I love.
I didn't ask for anything specific although I made it pretty clear that I did want a coffee machine - my hubby took that hint quite well.
 Here is  peek at what I got for Christmas - I do apologize if this post is photo heavy.

My lovely friends Rachel, Gina and Steph got me some lovely bits for Christmas, they all know me so well and I loved everything I got from them, as you can see, I have a big love for tartan and pugs,
A few of my favourite treats were the Benefit Box Of Blushes - I love my luxury make up items and this palette will see me through the whole year, and the packaging is so cute.
My Paris T-shirt and purse - I'm going Paris in May so I'll be saving these bits for then - Rachel even popped some euro's in the purse for our first glass of wine over there.
My heart shaped plaque, I love anything you can hang on the wall with a lovely quote, this one is currently hung up on my drawers so I can be reminded every day to "Follow My Dreams
I'm a nail polish addict so I'm glad I'll have plenty of new shades to try out thanks to Gina and Steph and Christmas in never complete without chocolate - I got lots of it.

My hubby always tries to go one step further every year and out do me with the pressies, this year I think he succeeded. Not only did he suprise me with a coffee machine (Black Friday sales aren't so bad after all) and a box of Nescafe Chocachino's to try out with it, he also got me the new Olly Murrs album and surprised me with two tickets to see him live next year with Rachel in April - you can imagine how excited I was.
Other bits he got me included the "Real Techniques" limited edition set which included a face and blusher brush and eye and eyeliners brushes - I'm new to "Real Techniques" after seeing them everywhere on blogs and I can see why - I'm already planning on treating myself to the "Core Collection"come payday.
I got plenty of nail goodies from Seventeen and bits from The Body Shop, I'm now a huge fan of their range and will rarely use anything else now. You can also see a few pieces from the "Glazed Apple Range" which is my favourite scent at the minute from there collection.
I got the new Zoella book despite not being a fan of the first chapter I will give this a read now I have the book, it would be ungrateful not too.
 I also got the Christmas edition of "Christmas With Billy & Me" its only a short follow up from "Billy and Me" by Giovanna Fletcher but she's become one of my favourite authors this year after Paige Toon, so I'm looking forward to reading this.
Finally Daz also took the plunge and bought me clothes from my favourite shop (Select) I had to laugh though because I already own the shirt he picked for me, I've even worn it in front of him - its true what they say about men never paying attention "sorry Daz" - so I had to exchange that and the lovely checked jumper he had also picked out (it was a little on the small side.) I got a good deal in the end cause it meant that I got the checked jumper at sale price instead of full price which Daz had paid for and I treated myself to two more jumpers and a top.
He also picked out these cute Care Bear PJ bottoms I had hinted at while in Primark.


Other bits above are from the rest of my family, my grandma and grandad treated me and daz to a slow cooker (a nice grown up present) which we will get use out of - I forgot to take a photo of that.
My other grand-parents treated me to a few cute bits and pieces such as this little plaque with a butterfly on, a luxury Sanctuary bath set - I've never tried anything from that range but I have heard good things.
A few Clinque goodies, a little notebad and pencil with kitties on and me and daz got a few joint pressies such as chocolate biscuits from Marks & Spencers and a Tetley teapot - we are big tea drinkers so we can't wait to use this.
My mother in law also got my some Body Shop goodies - I love this Brazilian collection after blogging about it a few months ago - she reads my blog so thank you for them, I'll definitely be making use of them all.
She also got me this "Yankee Candle Christmas Wonderland Collection" which is in the shape of a book - I love it - I can't wait to try the votives when my cold finally clears up and I can smell again.
My brother in law was also very brave and picked out this lovely butterfly shaped bag and I love it, a girl can never have too many bags. I also got another book by John Green called Paper Towns, I loved reading The Fault In Our Stars, so I hope this book is a good read too,
Lastly I got this hand painted jewelry box with an absolutely lovely bracelet inside from my hubby's grandad, I like unusual gifts so this was very thoughtful.
 We also got even more chocolate, I swear once January comes it needs to have all been eaten.

So there you go, they are are all the amazing treats I got for Christmas and I am so thankful from everyone and everything I received.
I hope you enjoyed having a nosy and you got everything you asked for,

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Beauty | Rimmel Wonder'Full Mascara With Argan Oil ♥

Rimmel Wonderfull Mascara With Argan Oil - Superdrug - £7.99 

I'll be honest I've really not enjoyed using this mascara at all but because it cost me £7.99 I wasn't about to throw it away or discard it in my ever growing make up collection.
I wouldn't say I hated it either, its just not one of my favourite mascara's - I'm a big fan of  Rimmel's "Scandal Eyes" mascara because it promises big fluttery eyelashes and it delivers and... its usually always my go to product - however when this new mascara came out I had to try it right.

Its Argan Oil formula is supposed to feel lightweight and soft on your lashes, that it does... but I think that is the problem, no matter how much of it I apply it doesn't really seem to do anything for my lashes - no"wonderfull volume" as promised, I barely felt like I was wearing any mascara.
Despite the negatives I will say - if you like your mascara barely there - then this one is for you... and the clump free brush is perfect because you do get an even application.
But... I'm afraid Rimmel I won't be buying this again, you didn't give me "wonderfull lashes" this time.

Have you tried this mascara??
What did you think of it??

Friday, 12 December 2014

Life | Luna - 2 Months On..... ♥

Doesn't she look cute - the Christmas tree was shortly on the floor after this photo was taken twice.....
This little one is almost 5 months old and she is still a little devil, I actually feel like I have a child at times, I don't have children so I guess I don't know entirely but I have a feeling looking after a kitten is somewhat like having a child - in some aspects.
She likes to play fetch - we have no idea why, its something she's done since we got her at 8 weeks, we'd throw her toy(s) and she would just bring them back - now she'll bring anything back, including my gloves (from out my hand bag).

She's now drinking from the bath tap - we have someone to blame for that - seems she looks up to Jimjam a bit to much and wants to be just like him.
 Trips to the toilet are a nightmare especially if she can't come in, she will cry till you eventually let her in, I sometimes question my sanity when I'm sharing the bathroom constantly with two cats, even more so when I'm having a shower and there is a kitten sat on the edge of that bath.
She's still not sleeping with us in the bedroom yet because she's not learnt the concept of bedtime like Jimajm has but she will eventually (I hope) - shes a bit of a night owl at the moment and  think Jimjam cherishes that alone time at night and the peace.


Luna's also a bit of a snugglebum too, you can't pick her up and expect to cuddle her, she has to come to you for attention and decide when and where she wants to lie, most of the time its usually when your reading a magazine or I'm blogging, they seem to be the perfect opportunities to fall asleep in my lap.
Also falling asleep on the middle of the rug is comfy too, even though she has a perfectly comfy bed on the sofa....
She's eating kitten food but she much prefers jimjams and jimjam prefers hers - why do cats do this??
and she literally wants to eat everything you eat, including my cereal first in the morning, its not fun prising a kitten off your waist with a brew in one hand a cereal bowl in the other - claws are sharp.
She may be a little terror sometimes - like the time she managed to tip the entire contents of her litter tray off the side - twice - or the 100 times we've had to replace the loo roll because she thinks she's an andrex puppy and toilet roll is fun to unravel - but.... I love her and her own little personality and I could watch the pair of them causing havoc all day, because you know what cats may just be the best pets ever....

Have you got any funny kitten stories or do you have a terror just like Luna??

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Baker Days | Christmas Cake In The Post & A Christmas Cake Giveaway ♥

*Baker Days Reindeer Collage Letterbox Cake - £14.99 - link.

If yous still stuck on ideas of what to get someone for Christmas then here is the answer, send them a lovely Christmas Cake in the post - this is also a fab gift idea if you have friends & family far away too and you want to send a little something - I know when this popped through my letterbox it was a little box of Christmas joy, who doesn't love cake.

Included with this cake you get a little cute christmas cracker which adds a lovely touch and a small christmas card - little touches can mean everything.
Priced at just £14.99 your lucky recipient will receive a personalized cake, you can also personalize the names and words and you have a choice of different cake size options

My cake pictured above is five inches in size and there are enough portions for 3 - 4 of you, I shared mine with my hubby - it didn't last long in our flat.
Each cake comes packaged up inside a pretty tin that has tiny holes in so it stays fresh.
I picked the sponge cake which was lovely and moist and had a fine layer of white icing on top.
I was really impressed with the quality, taste, size and the fact that it actually did fit through my letter box - it came packaged safely in a small cardboard box too, so you don't have to worry about it getting squashed or damaged in the post.

There are so many different options you can choose from on the website before you send your cake, there are a number of occasions and different recipes too, especially if someone has a favourite type of cake and you even have the choice of sending cupcakes instead.
I think a cake from Baker Days is a lovey little gift to send someone, whether its for Christmas or simply just to let someone know you care, cake is the perfect way of making someones day - I know it made mine.

You can visit Baker Days here - link - and view their whole range of cakes.

Or.... even better, enter my competition below and win a cake for yourself or as a gift for someone just like the one pictured above just in time for Christmas.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

12 Of My Favourite One Tree Hill Scenes ♥

Today's Sunday post is me reminiscing about my all time favourite TV show, and if you have visited this post (high five, it means you love One Tree Hill too.)
Like me I hope this post makes you smile, maybe even make you want to watch these famous episodes all over again.
One Tree Hill taught me a lot growing up throughout its nine seasons, and to this day I still absolutely love it, I desperately (still do) always wanted to be as beautiful as Brooke Davis, have a love like Lucas and Peyton's (I do), and a family as beautiful as Nathan and Hayley's (one day) 
So here we go - my 12 favourite One Tree Hill scenes (Because I couldn't pick 10)

1. This scene with Lucas and Petyon is and will always be my favourite scene ever from One Tree Hill when Lucas says to Peyton "When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me, its you.... its you peyton" I blubbed a bucket of tears during that scene, it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster that episode too - you can relive that scene here - link.

2. Nathan and Hayley's first tutoring session, when Nathan gives Hayley that bracelet and say "Don't say I never gave you anything" it was the start of true love between these two and this scene never fails to make me smile - you can relive this scene on Youtube here - Link.

3. When Nathan re proposes to Hayley in Season 3 after after their difficulties in Season 2 - I preferred this proposal second time round.
You can relive their proposal here - link.

4. Nathan & Hayley get married for the second time round in front of their family and friends in Season 3 and its just as beautiful as the first time they got married.
You can relive their wedding second time round here - link.

5. I was always routing for Brooke to find true love and when Julian turned up in season 6, I knew it was going to be happily ever after for Brook finally, this scene is where she tells him she loves him and shes ready to let him in "Believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do."
You can relive that scene here - link.

6. You also can not forget Brooke & Julian's romantic proposal in season 7.
You can relive their proposal here - link.

7. And they finally got married in Season 8 and Brooke has her happily ever after (I love the flashbacks in this scene to when they first met too) - how beautiful did Brooke look in her wedding dress.
You can relive Brooke and Julians wedding here - link.

8. After all the will they won't they's thoughout the series with Lucas and Peyton, they finally get together and Lucas proposes properly for the second time at "their" spot.
You can relive that scene here - link.

9. And their wedding was so beautiful too - I probably waited for this scene from the start of the show too.
You can relive Lucas and Peytons wedding here - link.

10. When Brooke tells Julian she is pregnant - we see the heartache Brooke goes through because she wants a family of her own and she's told she can't - this is such an emotional but happy scene.
You can relive that scene here - link.

11. When Hayley & Nathan Become parents for the first time second time they are perfection and the most amazing parents that I aspire to be like one day.
Brooke finally has twin boy's after not being able to conceive and adoption fails and Lucas and Peyton start a family these four scenes are some of my favourites too.

 12. Lastly who can forget the ending of the final season of One tree Hill - sob - I thought they ended this series perfectly.

You may notice I didn't put any Clay or Quinn scenes in this post, it was nothing personal against the show, I loved them too - It was just hard picking just 12 scenes.

What is your favourite One Tree Hill Scene??

*All images have been taken from Tumblr and Google and are not my own.

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