Friday, 28 November 2014

What I Wore | Autumn Friday's ♥

| *Scarf - Bella Cosa Boutique - Link |

I just love wearing skinny jeans, I just feel much more comfortable in them especially in Autumn/Winter when I can wear them with boots and warm woolly jumpers or dress them up with cami tops and my faux leather jacket. I know its started to get a little bit more chilly now but I've not been ready for a big coat just yet.
You will see in my previous post I got an exciting package in the post from Bella Cosa Boutique, one of the surprises in that package was this beaut of a scarf. 
About 2 years ago I bought my first scarf and since I haven't been able to stop buying them and this one is an exception, I love the colours and the pattern.
It may be a little bright for some but all year round I like to embrace a bit of colour,
I do love wearing my Autumn shades but some days when its dark and gloomy I just can't really help myself.
Scarves are perfect for dressing up plain tops and jumpers and they are not as thick as woolly winter scarves, unless its absolutely freezing - which makes them an all year round essential.
I've worn mine how I would normally wear my scarf, in two ways, long down at either side or I like to tie it up in a knot at the neck if its a little bit chillier, there is so many ways you can wear them with your everyday outfits.
My boots that I am wearing are also my favorites at the minute too, at a fab £15.00 they go with everything I own, making them the perfect piece of footwear this A/W.

You can also get 10% off at Bella Cosa Boutique  by entering SMALL10 in at the check out.
Visit Link.

What are you favourite A/W casual essentials??

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas With Bella Cosa Boutique ♥

If there is anything I love then its surprise's and when this arrived from the postie I was so excited.
This beautiful package arrived from Bella Cosa Boutique as an early "Christmas Present" and all the little details were so cute I had to take some photos before I excitedly tore everything open and show you all effort that had been put into this gift box.... 

I love anything unique and personalized so this little white hanging heart will be getting hung up in my bedroom, and the candy canes will be gobbled right up soon enough when December finally arrives next week.
Talk about spoiling me, a little yummy pick n mix was also included in the pink and white striped bag (you know me well girls)
and I loved little cute mustache and lips on a stick props which I'm sure will be used for a few cheeky photo opportunities soon.
Now the actual parcel will be unraveled this December and I will be showing you what I got in a few future posts so keep your peepers peeled for that, there are some truly pretty pieces to show you.

Thank you to the lovely ladies at Bella Cosa Boutique for making my Wednesday that little bit better.

Just in case you haven't heard of them before Bella Cosa Boutique are a new online shop set up by two lovely ladies selling one of a kind pieces of clothing, jewelry and accessories which will make you feel and look amazing.
If your after something unique and glamours, this boutique is your online go to.
You can even get 10% off this xmas by entering "SMALL10" in at the check out - visit there online shop here.


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I'm going to Paris ♥

FINALLY..... you will not believe how long I have wanted to say that for...
I have wanted to go Paris ever since I did a project on it in primary school when I was a little girl, since that project, I learned all about Paris and I fell in love with the city and wanted to go ever since.
So me and bestie Rachel decided a few weeks that enough was enough - we both really wanted to go - and we booked a long weekend in Paris.
"Paris next May 2015 is the one"

If anyone has any tips or has been before, I would love to know all about your trip below.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Body Shop - The Glazed Apple Festive Range ♥

| *Glazed Apple Body Butter - £13.00 - Link |

When the new "Glazed Apple" range arrived, I had high hopes, like with most Body Shop products they are always strong smelling and I absolutely love using them while in the shower and afterwards - I'm not really a bath person these days so the products that were sent to me couldn't of been anymore perfect really.

"Glazed Apple" is a new seasonal range for November/December - make sure you pop it on your xmas list to santa - I already have.
Smelling of mouth watering glazed apple, you might end up accidentally want to eat this rather than use it, I know I almost did..... oops.
There are so many products available in this range so there is something for everyone from "The Glazed Apple Lip Balm" to "The Glazed Apple Bath Sprinkles" your sure to find something.
I have used all of these three products this month and I have literally fell in love, I hope they keep this range or bring it out every year.
 Myfavourite has been The Glazed Apple Body Butter, it smells a dream when I use it to moisturize after a shower, The Glazed Apple Shower Gel goes a long way too, you only need a small amount and it lathers up pretty well, a bottle of this would last you months.
I'm not a big lover of soaps so I've not used The Glazed Apple Soap as much as I hoped, I have however placed it in the sink though so the other half and guests can use it.

If you love the sound of this range, there are some fab Christmas pressies you can request this year below too including sets starting from just £15.00.

Have you tried tins range yet?? 
What did you think??

Sunday, 16 November 2014

What I Wore | Madam Rage ♥

| Dog Tooth Swing Dress - £28.00 - *Madam Rage - Link |

I'm off out to watch John Bishop tonight with my hubby as an early xmas pressie to them so I thought I would pop up a quick OOTD, or OOTN should I say of what I am wearing tonight.
 My camera battery died before many photos were taken so I could only pop up a few but you can get the picture how lovely this dress is.
I recently got it sent to me from Madam Rage, I'm a fan of there dresses because I find they always look good on and they have so many unique styles and they always have amazing offers on.

What I love about this swing dress is that it is so versatile, it can be worn casually during the day/evening or dressed up with heels for a night out and the pattern is just lovely and so on trend at the minute - I wore my dress tonight with my new boots I purchased yesterday from Primark, if you have me on instagram - xxmrschaddertonxx -  you will be able to see the boots I bought.

Anyway I hope you have all had a nice weekend!!1

What do you think of this dress??

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Meet Little Luna ♥

We've had little Luna, Just over a month and two weeks now but it feels like we've had her forever now, she slotted into our household like a tiny jigsaw piece.
We'd been contemplating getting a new cat for over a year so when we got back off our holiday we decided after seeing way to many cute cats while away that Jimjam needed a friend, 4 years had been too long.
We were a bit apprehensive really, I didn't know how Jimjam was going to respond, he is quite a sociable cat and he also gets a lot of attention, throwing another cat in that equation is always a tricky one because of jealousy.

But we didn't have to worry to much - within a day they were sharing the same bed space, but I think its taken longer for him to be won over by her, she's a little persistent - like us girls are - and I think she has pretty much forced her way lovingly into his life by cosying up to him during nap time at every opportunity, that and the fact he gets dreamies when she's around.
They still have a squabble every now and again because Luna thinks jumping on his face is appropriate, but that's kittens for you.
She's a little over 4 months now and she's still tiiiiny, and an absolute devil.
But I'm glad we got her and completed our little furry family.

Next on the agenda hopefully will be real babies.....eventually.

How cute is she??

Sunday, 2 November 2014

A/W14 Nails - My Top 6 Favourites £5.00 And Under ♥

 | From left to right | Seventeen Nail Varnish in Ruby Gem - £2.99 - Link |

I always love this time of year because it means I can dig the darker shades of nail polish out, don't get me wrong I absolutely love rocking the pastel colours in the S/S but as it gets colder and the Autumn colours start appearing in shops I love matching my nails to my outfits.

These above are some of my favorites for this year and are available to buy in shops right now.
There are a few classics such as Barry M with the introduction of the new colour "Mustard" in the Gelly range which I'm pleased they finally bought out, its not a colour everyone loves to wear but this is my second favourite A/W colour to wear after burgundy and this gelly range last days without chipping, probably my favourite nail varnish brand at the moment.
I also have a new found love for the Seventeen range this year, I have bought so much stuff from there make up range, Ruby Gem and Fury are my favourites shades this A/W from there nail polish range, one coat is all you need for full coverage and they dry pretty quick - just don't apply more than two coats in a short space of time.
The Body Shop Colour Crush nail polishes are a new release from The Body Shop this year and I do love how shiny they are when dry, "The Body Shop Green" is the perfect shade for this time of year and you can probably pick it up 40% off in the offers there do online every Christmas.
Lastly Miners Keepin in Teal and Barry M's Masquerade are my favourite brighter A/W shades, I do love a bit of glitter and Masquerade is a perfect top coat over most colours, I love how many different glitters are in this shade, perfect for Christmas day.

Have you been wearing any of these shades this A/W or do you have any recommendations??

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