Sunday, 14 September 2014

My Holiday Beauty Essentials ♥

When this post goes live I shall be on a plane to Lanzarote for 2 weeks, its been much needed and me and my husband will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary together, I can't wait.
I wanted to write a post about the beauty essentials I will be taking away with me, firstly starting with my make up.

When I go on holiday, I tend to wear less make up and I opt for more bronzed colours to give myself sunkissed skin and so I can compliment a tan,

1. I like a light base for the evening, I normally bare my natural skin during the day and just add some mascara, I've only tried this a few times but I'm already impressed, its fantastic at correcting red marks - review coming soon.

2. here and I do love it, all make up need a base and at £5.99, a fraction of the price of some primers, this is a good budget primer and I adore the packaging.

3. After taking one of these away with me last year (Orange Punch) I fell in love, I love how pigmented these crayons are and they are so glossy on your lips - perfect for keeping your lips hydrated, this coral shade is the perfect colour to compliment every skin tone.

4. Seventeen Instant Glow Pink Bronze Bronzing Blocks - £4.99 - I absolutely loved these bronzing blocks last year, the contain the right about of bronzes and pinks to add a subtle glow on your face without looking orange, definitely worth it for £4.99.

5. The Body Shop Shimmer Cube Palette - £16.00 -  I took these away with me on holiday last year too, these will last you ages, there are four different bronze shades which are perfect for blending together during the day and night for a natural or smokier look.

6. Rimmel Wonder'full Argan Oil Mascara - £7.99 - This a new addition to my make up and I have been using it for a few weeks now, I love how soft it makes your lashes and the brush is perfect at getting rid of any clumps - review coming soon.

7. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - £3.99 - This is one of my favourite powders, a close one with the seventeen pressed powder for oily skin I also love, I have pretty oily skin on my t-zone areas and I find this is fab for keeping shine at bay all day.

8. Seventeen Smoulder Gel Eyeliner - £3.99 - I bought this eyeliner a few weeks ago as my Maybelline one had ran out, so far so good, it lasts all day and it comes with a cute little brush and best of all, its purse friendly.

9. Barry M Hi Shine Gel Effect Nail Varnish In Papaya - £3.99 - A perfect summer shade, I love these polishes because they are so shiny and long lasting, I plan on wearing this colour on my toes.

10. Mac Lipstick In Girl About Town - £15.50 - I always pick up a new lipstick at the airport, this year I'm going to pick up Candy Yum Yum when I go, this shade is a lovely pink girlie shade, perfect for day and night, these lipstick are always so creamy and long lasting, I love them.

11. John Van G Eyebrown Pencil - I have no idea how you buy these, I think you need to look for a stocklist but I won a few products by John Van G on twitter and I absolutely love the eye pencils they sent me, they last all day and drawing my eyebrows on has never been easier with these pencils.

I don't use to many potions on my skin I tend to have a few basics that I stick too, and I love these three brands so much.

1. I have tried these once before and they are fab at removing all traces of make up, they leave your skin feeling really fresh and clean, these particular wipes are for sensitive skin which I do suffer with, I also love that you can open and close the top, I have had so many make up wipes dry out because they don't have this.

2. The Body Shop Camomille Gentle Eye Make Up Remover - I recently got this in a goodie bag from The Body Shop event I went to recently and its fantastic at removing eye make up and eyeliner, its also gentle enough so it won't sting your eyes, I love this little bottle too, it is available to buy in a 250ml size for £8.00.

3. Simple Clear Oil Balancing Mosituriser - £4.27 - I have used this moisturiser a few times and it is perfect if you have a problem with oily skin, it really does keep shine at bay.
With all simple products they are perfect for sensitive skin and full of natural goodness.

Hair Care & Body Care always consists of my favourite while I am away, I love the Three Minute Miracle Conditioners which are perfect for when the sun dries your hair out, they always smell lush too.

I've only discovered this In Shower After Sun Lotion, I'm yet to try it yet so I've took my usual after sun with me anyway just incase.

I always have a favourite holiday perfume that reminds me of holidays when I spray it, my favourite has to be Code by Armani, its a deep musky scent which I love wearing at night.

Lastly I love these Body Shop Mini Shower & Bath Gels, I actually got this in a set at Christmas, I'm glad I'm finally getting round to using this little set, they are a perfect holiday essential.

Did you spot any of your favourites.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Nail Happiness - Colour Crush Nail Collection With The Body Shop ♥

*Colour Crush Nail Colour - RRP £5.00 - from left to right - Peach Babe, Mint Cream.
Bottom - The Body Shop Green.

I am a nail varnish junkie so when these came through my letterbox I couldn't wait to try them, especially because they are a new addition to the Colour Crush collection which already have lipsticks and eye shadows in the range - and they were both a big hit with me.
With 24 colours in the collection your sure to find your perfect shade, there's just to many pretty colours to choose from.

I was sent the following Peach Babe and Mint Cream, both colours I would have picked myself, 
I actually received The Body Shop Green in my goody bag from the Argan Oil Press Release night I got to go to recently - a shade I can not wait to wear this A/W.

Like the rest of the range, these nail varnishes don't contain any harsh chemicals and are not tested on animals, the one ingredient they do contain is Community Fair Trade "Marula Oil" this gives these nail varnishes their glossy finish after application - you can see how shiny the finish is in the pictures above.

I personally thought the formula of these nail polishes was really good, not only did they dry super quick but they were quite hard wearing, I got through at least 4 days without any chips.
You do need at least two coats to get a rich full colour and application and coverage is easy with a good flow brush.

After learning that some make up brands (not The Body Shop) use fish scales in their eye shadows - ew I know - I can safely say these nail varishes do not contain any animal derivatives.

I will definitely be adding more to my collection.

These nail varnishes will be available to buy from early September 2014 in store & online.

What Do You Think Of These Nail Polishes?

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Seventeen Flawless Poreless Primer ♥

Seventeen Flawless Poreless Primer - Boots - £5.99 - Link

I bought this item on a bit of a whim really, I wanted to buy my favourite "Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder" - I reviewed this last year here - link - its one of my favourite powders and its a close one with the "Rimmel Matte Powder" I also love - both perfect at taming oily skin.

Boots had an offer on where if you bought one item, you got the second half price so I picked this up to try, I needed(wanted) a new primer so I thought why the hell not.
 The packaging was really cute and I've only really tried the primers in a tube that you have to squeeze out, so because this one was in a little compact I was a little intrigued to try it.

I've had a few weeks to road test it and give you my opinion and I think this little compact has a few advantages and disadvantages.
So I'll begin with the advantages.

The small little compact means that you will always know how much of this product you have left, no more guessing how much product is left in the tube before you need to buy a new one.
The formula is really oily on your fingers but when applying it it feels lovely and soft to the touch after it has sunk in your skin and it felt really light too.
It lasted all day and I found my make up stayed on quite well, it was a good base to apply my everyday foundation to.
Did I mention the packaging it so cute - I always think its the packaging that makes a product and it has to be visually appealing for me to notice it.
For £5.99 I think this is a good price to pay for a basic primer, compared to some brands like Benefit who charge £24.50 for their POREfessional primer - which I absolutely love but my bank account doesn't - and Boots sometimes have offers on where you could pick this up half price.

Now the disadvantages.

Because this primer is in a compact, its a little bit of a nightmare to apply, its not the same as squeezing the right amount out of a tube, you have to really rub your finger in to get enough product on your finger which results in it being a little bit harder to apply and its more time consuming - I also found I couldn't get an even application all over because of the amount of times I had to do this. 
The awkward round shape also meant I couldn't fit it in my small make up bag because it took up a lot of room,compared to a small thin tube like Benefits - but this is a fussy disadvantage of mine, not everyone will find this annoying.
You would easily get 3 weeks worth out of this maybe more, you don't get a great deal  of product in this compact but I suppose that would vary to each individual.

So you can see the advantages do weigh out the disadvantages and I would buy this again in the future.
 I do think this a good primer, and for the price you can't complain, the formula is good and it worked really well with my skin and I'll most certainly be taking this on holiday with me because I can't seem to live without a primer now and this one at this price makes my bank account very happy.

Have you tried this primer by Seventeen?
What did you think of it?

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Feeling Fruity With Miners ♥

When Miners first released this range, I was won over straight away with these cute little tins, I loved the quirky packaging and the mouth watering fruity scents.
Mango was my favourite shade in the collection, not only did it smell lush but I loved the tinted coral colour it gave my lips.
Miners have since released a new shade in *"Strawberry" which will leave your lips with a lovely soft red tint - perfect for the upcoming Autumn & Winter months.

Priced at only £2.99 these pots are perfect to slip in your bag for on the go.
Their highly moisturizing formula will make sure your lips are kept in the softest condition, leaving you with a subtle burst of colour on your lips - there are another six tones to choose from in this range: Pink Grapefruit, Mango, Cocoa Bean, Cherry and Watermelon

Tin o' Tint's are available from and some local pharmacies.

Have You Tried These Yet??

Monday, 1 September 2014

OOTD - Holiday Ready ♥

| Limited Edition Aztec Pom Pom Two Piece - £24.99 - The Fashion Bible - Link | Tan Bag - New Look - Price Unknown (Present) |

Summer is officially over now today is the 1st September and I'm sad that I will have to start filling my wardrobe with snug jumpers already, but.... its not all over for me just yet!!!
I was sent this pretty two piece after we had that huge heatwave a few month ago, after that I haven't had the opportunity to wear it out and about, but I will be going on holiday this month on the 14th.
If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I will be spending two weeks with my hubby in Lanzarote for our first wedding anniversary and I will be packing this lovely here.
My favourite part about two piece's especially this one is that the shorts are high waisted, I'm particularly self conscious about showing my middle section when I wear anything cropped, so this definitely makes me feel more comfortable when I wear this.

You can visit The Fashion Bible and drool over there new arrivals here - Link.

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