Friday, 29 August 2014

Because Someone We Love Is In Heaven, There's A Little Bit Of Heaven In Our Home ♥

I'm in love with this quote that I now have in our living room above our dormer windows, I have wanted to get some new wall art for a while now.
Because we rent, redecorating is out of the equation, and I find vinyl lettering is the perfect alternative to decorate your home without picking up a paintbrush - best part it takes roughly about five minutes to put up too and can really liven up a bare wall.

This particular vinyl wall art are was kindly gifted to me by  - they specialize in banners and signs made to the highest quality - for your home or business - they also offer the lowest prices with designs starting from only £6.99.
They offer an online service where you can upload the images or writing you would like to be made into a banner or a sign or you can let them do all the work and design it for you.

Letting them design it for me was the option I picked and they did a fantastic job, I simply found an image online and told them exactly what I wanted, I was really pleased when it arrived and I found out they had replicated the exact design I had sent them, which was only a small image - I didn't think they would be able to match it.

My banner arrived quickly and safely packaged in a tube rolled up. 
Putting it up on my wall was really easy, I took the backing off the sticky sheet the banner was attached too and using a debit card, I placed the sticky side onto the wall and scratched at the vinyl lettering so it transferred from the sticky sheet to the wall, it was really simple to do and the finished design looked so pretty.

Me and daz have a few loved one's in heaven including my mum, so this quote is very close to our hearts.

You can visit Banner Buzz - - and make your own vinyl lettering to place on you wall at home, you can be as creative as you like, the options are endless.

Are you a fan of wall vinyl's??

Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Body Shop: New Colour Crush Lipsticks ♥

I'm a big fan of these colour crush lipsticks from The Body Shop ever since I got to try them for the first time last year - you can read that post clicking here.
This year they have released three new gorgeous shimmery shades, which have been a godsend for the summer months this year.
I have had the opportunity to test run them for the past month or so with all this stunning weather we had.
I do love these shades more than last years too because they are a lot lighter and more subtle for everyday wear, especially Golden Syrup which is perfect to wear with natural make up because of the barely there look.
Pink Luxe is a lovely light pink shade that is more vibrant but can still be worn with everyday make up and even with your evening make up if you want a hint of colour that looks natural.
I love these lipsticks because they really moisturizing with cherry seed oil and fair trade community maula oil, they give you a lovely glossy pout.
 Some of my favourite lipsticks play havoc with my lips and dry them out and I hate that, especially with the summer we had - I have this problem with the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers.

I've swatched both colours of these Colour Crush Lipsticks in natural light with no flash so you can see them in action - both of these have found there way into my everyday make up - I love them.

From left to right - *Colour Crush Lipsticks - RRP £10.00 - 350 - Golden Syrup 245 Pink Luxe.

These have been available since the 12th August - both available to purchase in-store and online - buy here.

Have you tried these lipsticks yet??

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Beauty Bargains "You Won't Wanna Miss" For Just £1 ♥

If you follow me on Instagram xxmrschaddertonxx <--- Give me a follow  you will have seen that I have spotted some fabulous beauty bargains this week and shared them with you, all of these are £1 or under and this is a short post to let you know where you can get your hands on them, but be fast cause they will go quick.

My most recent bargain was these little Nutra Nails - Gel Perfect 5 minute Gel Manicure Kits that I picked up today for only 99p from my local Quality Save, these cost £14.99 each in boots - see for yourself here - link.
They only had a selection of three colours at my local store so I bought all three - Tangerine, Flame & Sheer Pink (Sheer Pink is still on the Boots website full price) - I've not had the chance to try these yet myself but for only 99p you can't not pick all three up, they don't come with the acetone to remove the gel colour, but you can buy a bottle of this behind the counter at Boots for under £5.00 and there are various tutorials online on how to remove gel nail polish which is really easy to do.

My next beauty bargain is these Apocalips Lip Lacquers by Rimmel which were pretty big in the blogging world last year, I went out and bought them right away and while they are amazing I didn't quite have the funds to purchase every colour.
Head over to Poundland where you can buy them for just £1 in the beauty aisle, they retail at £6.49.
From what I saw there were at least four different shades - Big Bang, Stellar and I picked up Apocaliptic and Nova - if you haven't tried them, now's your chance.

While I was browsing in the beauty aisle in Poundland, I also spotted these Rimmel Scandal Eyes Shadow Paints, I've been a huge fan of eyeshadow paints recently after a friend introduced me to them, the wand makes these easy to apply and they do last all day long, I've been wearing this on my eyes for over 12 hours this week - These retail for £4.99 in Superdrug right now in these two shades pictured - £1 in Poundland - I picked up from left to right Golden Bronze and Rich Russet  - I picked up the Golden Bronze because I thought it would be perfect for my holiday with a glowing tan.
Rich Russet is the perfect shade to wear with you other everyday make up.
 I'm really impressed with these eye shadow paints, they also had the two other shades also - a silver and a purple shade.

Lastly are these cute pink tipped make up brushes, I wanted a new set to carry around with me in my make up bag.
These were £1 individually, I bought from left to right, a powder brush, an angled brush, a foundation brush and an eyeshadow brush.
They are really good quality and great if you want a "pretty" budget set, the powder brush isn't as thick as I'd like it to be but I might end up buying the smaller thicker bronzer brush they also had.
The foundation brush is excellent, it is a lot better than my previous E.L.F foundation brush I had been using, the angled brush is quite good too, I've not had any chance to try the eyeshadow brush just yet, but for £1 I'm imagining it will do the trick.

I hope some of you will go out and buy these after seeing this post, I always think its nice to share beauty bargains in the blogging world, not only are you saving money but its an opportunity to try out a product you didn't want to pay full price for.

Have you bought any of these beauty bargains this week?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

An Evening At The Body Shop - Wild Argan Oil Bath & Bodycare Collection, Plus A Night Of Massages & Make Overs ♥

Last Thursday I got to attend an evening at The Body Shop at the Trafford Centre, not many of these events come around in Manchester so I jumped at the chance to go and invited my best friend Steph who is also new to the blogging world.

The evening was all about the release of there new "Wild Argan Oil Bath & Body Collection " with prices starting from just £4.
When we arrived at 6.30 pm we were welcomed in and the new "Wild Argan Oil Bath & Body Collection" greeted us on display with lots of different beauty products that I was drooling over, we headed over to refreshments first and both picked up a glass of orange juice before having a wander round and having a look at what else the Body Shop had on display.

After about half an hour the lady who was there to help organize the night "Charlotte Plummer" gave us all a presentation on the new range which gave us an insight on what went into making this collection and why it was so special.
I always love hearing the background story of how products are made especially by The Body Shop.

"Deep in the foothills of the remote Atlas mountains in South West Morocco grows the wild Argan tree – the only area in the world where it thrives naturally.
For centuries, the local Berber women have used Argan oil to protect and nourish their skin and hair from the harsh Saharan winds and fierce sun. 
The oil, rich in essential fatty acids including omega 6, is a superior skin nourishing ingredient, earning it the title ‘Queen of Oils’

The Body Shop, with a long history in developing naturally inspired skincare, has now created an extensive Wild Argan Oil Bath & Bodycare collection comprising eight sensorial products, including the luxuriant and
 multi-purpose Radiant Oil. " - snippet of  wording taken from Advertisement.

What I found particularly pleasing was that the women's co-operatives who produce the oil "Targanine" are the The Body Shop's 26th Community fair trade partner, this is helping women to work and make an income for there families which is hard in some parts of the world, especially where sometimes it is only the men who can go out and work.
 One of the women was shown posing proudly in front of her fridge because although we take something like this for granted, not everyone in other countries can afford a luxury item like this and it was nice knowing that the The Body Shop are responsible for this, increasing their independence and living standards and giving them better lives, everyone should deserve that.

After a further wonder round testing new products that are now on my beauty wish list including some new "Body Butters" me and Steph were both treated to an amazing massage, which I needed after my bad week at work, the lady focused on my back area and got plenty of knots out - it was heaven, you can see the happiness on my face.

We were also treated to a radiance make over by two of the girls who worked there, the both focused on our eyes using all "The Body Shop" make up products, which I am also a huge fan of.
We were given new "glowing" looks and I loved my new eye make up - a look I'll reserve for a night out.

Lastly I was treated to a lovely hand massage using the "Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub" - RRP £13.00 & "Wild Argon Oil Body Butter - RRP £13.00" my hands were so lovely and soft afterwards, I can definitely see why this collection has been a big hit already.

We both had a fantastic evening and even ended up booking a Body Shop party for our friends in October, It was also nice chatting to Charlotte Plummer, we had a good 10 minute chat about this new collection and everything "Body Shop" and the blogging world.
I also got to meet the lovely Victoria from "Inthefrow" who attended and we had a little chat to before she had to go off for her massage.

The Body Shop also gave us some goodie bags worth over £35 which I'll enjoy, sampling all these little products - I am a little gutted however because I somehow lost my tube of instablur which was included - "sob"

I hope there will be more evenings like this at The Body Shop, its nice to hear about a new range but I also think its good to get everyone involved too,

Did you go to any of The Body Shop events held in London, Leeds or did I somehow miss you at the Trafford Centre?

Friday, 15 August 2014

Summer With Yankee Candles & Wax Lyrical ♥

I can never seem to get enough of Yankee Candles, since I discovered them I have countless wax tarts, tea lights, votive samplers and jars of all sizes lying around my little flat.
 I simply can not stop buying them because I am a Yankee Candle and a general candle addict.

Scented Candle Shop kindly sent me these goodies after reading I was quite the candle addict, 
I've been a fan of there online shop for some time particularly because they have great offers on all the time on their candle ranges and they have a monthly offer where particular scents have 25% off,
You can save you quite a bit of money especially if your buying the big jars which are only £14.99 each, they have a burn time of  roughly 90 - 150 hours, so they will last you quite a while - I still have my Christmas scents left over from last year.

I picked out these two summer scents which I hadn't tried before.

"Waikiki Melon" is a subtle fruity scent which has a nice sweet smell which isn't too overpowering, I'd say this is quite a summery scent and is one you should have burning if its a lovely sunny day, if you close your eyes you can try and imagine your on a tropical beach somewhere - I wish- the smell is very exotic and does actually remind me of fruity cocktails, 
I've burnt this one the most - can you tell I've been daydreaming a little bit to much about that beach.

"Black Coconut" is more of a fresh lingering scent, I love the smell of coconut, again sticking to the summer theme it reminds me of past summer holidays using palmers coconut butter and coconut shampoo's and conditioners, the smell is quite strong, enough to fill a room or my small flat but again not to overpowering.
This is why I love Yankee Candles, because they use good quality oils in their products.

I can't seem to choose my favourite between these two, I think I like them both for different reasons.
If I was recommending them both to you, I'd say to buy both, summers nearly over but if your feeling in a bit of an exotic mood, I don't see why you couldn't burn these.

One particular brand I have always wanted to try too is Wax Lyrical, and I was also sent a few of these small votives to test out myself, I used my butterfly tea light jar that I got for my birthday to burn these.
I was quite impressed with this brand, I could get at least 6 hours worth of burning time out of these with a scent - I think they are ideal if you want a nice relaxing night in or you have people round.
 For £1.49 you can't really complain.
 The scents were quite light too which I liked.
I'd be more tempted to buy the larger jars in the future.

You can buy from the Scented Candle Shop here - Link.

What are your favourite Yankee Candle scents for Summer?

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