Sunday, 22 June 2014

What I Wore & An Afternoon At Formby Beach ♥

*Floral Strap Camisole - Glamorous  - Link Here
Crochet Denim Shorts - Select - Vintage - Similar Here
Pink Bag - Primark - £6.00,

Yesterday while the sun was shining. I decided to cross one of my summer activities off my "Summer Bucket List" you can see this post  if you missed it this week,

Me and my husband decided on an afternoon by the beach, and this time we bought Sasha along with us.
She's never been to the beach before and I could tell she enjoyed herself by the way she was galloping in and out of the waves - safe to say we tired her out, she was flat out in the car on the way home.

We live about an hour away from Formby Beach - its a lovely little beach to go to on a nice day like it was yesterday,  even just for a walk along the beach.
 It would of been nice to relax and sunbath but unfortunately with a dog you can't really do that because Sasha always insists on sitting on you at every opportunity, we had lots of fun though and running through the waves with her was definitely the perfect way to cool down.

I decided to wear my "Floral Camisole" from Glamorous - its really summery and the rose pattern is so pretty,

I hope your enjoying this beautiful weather lovelies x

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Summer Bucket List ♥

I've read a few of these posts on my blog and its been nice seeing what peoples plans are for summer 2014, I've even learned about a few new places myself bloggers want to go this summer.
So I was inspired to create my own bucket list of places I want to go and things I want to do.
The photo above was taken last summer 2013 on my 25th Birthday - you can read the original post here - link - It was from Formby Beach near Liverpool.

Take Sasha To The Beach For The Day - This one had to be the first obviously because the photo above just keeps reminding me, Sasha is my dads dog - she may as well be mine too - I adore that ball of fluff.
She has never been to the beach in the four years of her life and I just really want to take her, have you seen how much fun dogs have at the beach. they have a ball and I think she would absolutely love it, I'll probably end up buying her an ice cream too.
The weather has been a bit naff at the weekends, it can't seem to be sunny on a day I'm actually off - WHY!!!

Have A Weekend Break - We didn't do a lot last year because we were saving for our wedding and I'd love a weekend or night somewhere other than Manchester this year just to unwind and relax.
I'm not really to fussed where we go, Wales would be nice.

Take A Random Trip Somewhere - I'm not one of these people who can just get in the car and go somewhere, I have to plan in advance, but I often find the post spontaneous days out happen to be the best.
I'd love for me and daz to get in his car, he's driving - cause lets face it I have no sense of direction - and see where we may end up.
We took a random trip to the Chesnut Owl, Otter and Wildlife Park a few weeks ago, that was a last minute idea after we saw a leaflet and that turned out to be a wonderful day.

Go To More National Trust Parks - I'm not ashamed to admit that I love going to beautiful gardens that you can spend hours walking around, I love natural beauty and being able to take photos of beautiful places and there are so many National Trust Parks I haven't yet been too, one day I'd love to go to the Cubert Wildlife Walk in Cornwall where you can see a sea of poppies - imagine getting blog photo's there?? 

and lastly......

Be On Holiday For Our 1st Year Wedding Anniversary - There has been talks of a holiday, Daz keeps saying we should wait till the first week of September to look, we'd love to be abroad preferably Cyprus where we got married last September but we might just risk it and get a late deal somewhere new - Mexico seems to be on the horizon - finger crossed that happens.

Have You Got A Bucket List For Summer?

Sunday, 15 June 2014

What I Wore - Secret Pathways ♥

*Coral Daisy Playsuit - Glamorous - Link 
Pink Bag - Primark 
Peeptoe Shoes - Primark
Sunglasses - Vintage - Jane Norman

The one thing I do love about blogging is when it comes to finding places to take photo's.
I too get a little bit fed up of taking photo's against my white living room wall, living in a flat doesn't have many advantages - I can't wait till I have my own garden.
Now the weather has got a lot nicer, it gives me and my husband a reason to get out of the house and go and explore, I give him my camera and when I find somewhere that looks lovely I make him snap away - we make a pretty good team these days - I let him watch the football, and he takes photos for me, for my blog.

Yesterday we found this rural pathway with some stunning scenery, we live near  a lot of countryside which I love this time of year, the views are always so beautiful, one day I'd love to live round this area in a little cottage style house.

I wore my daisy playsuit which is from Glamorous, I'm a bit daisy mad at the moment so its not a surprise I picked this, its made from a thin chiffon material with an under layer at the bottom so its not see through.
Its perfect to wear during the day dressed down with some flats which is how I wore mine, 
I bought these tan peep toes from Primark a few months ago, I was devastated to find out that they have now stopped selling these,  I wanted a few more pairs in more colours.
I also wore my little pink bag which I got from Primark too a few weeks ago, they had it in a lovely cornflower blue colour which I wish I had also picked up, this was only £6.00.

I also recreated Lily Melrose's easy summer up do, which I have seen on the likes of some of my favourite bloggers, I think this style is a nice alternative to milk braids and its perfect for when the weather gets hot and you want your hair off your shoulders, you should give it a go if you have short or long hair - girls with long hair may need a few pins in place like me.

I hope your all having a lovely Sunday - Don't forget you can enter my giveaway to win a £25 New Look Egift card.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Summer Fashion - Ted Baker Sandals ♥

*Ted Baker Jelly Sandals - Cloggs - Link -
Ted Baker Mint Shopper Bag - Ted Baker - Similar Here-

Ted Baker are one of my favourite high street designer brands, I got my first bag for Christmas after my best friend Rachel Crawford treated me to a gorgeous coral shopper and ever since I am absolutely obsessed with their one of a kind designs.
This post features these gorgeous pink Cloggs which are perfect for this summer 2014, 
Jelly shoes have made a huge comeback this year, the last time I wore a pair was when I was about six and I had this cute glittery blue pair I remember wearing on a holiday to wales.
This particular pair feature the famous bow with the gold branding detail with the "Ted Baker" logo which makes the brand instantly recognizable to anyone who knows who Ted Baker are.
They are extremely comfy, I know with some toe post sandals, they tend to rub after a while and the straps are easily adjustable.
These sandals retail at £39.99 on the Cloggs website and are available in black & yellow, its worth buying just the one pair - but you will want more - Ted Bakes has that effect on you.

I have also featured my mint shopper bag in this post to accessorize these sandals, I treated myself to this bag a few months ago in April for Easter, I wanted a lovely spring bag that would see me though Spring/Summer - I'm sure I payed near the £35 mark for mine from the Ted Baker concession.
Some people may say £35 is a little pricey for a bag but they are great quality and they are a perfect staple bag for any season.
The plastic outer layer helps protect your bag from marks and stains, however you do need to be careful with the scratches if you catch it on anything sharp.
They also have a small concealed compartment with a zip too so you can pop little bits in you don't want to loose in the main compartment.
These little bags are the perfect size to carry all your bits and bobs in, I get so many compliments when I use mine out and about - I will be adding more Ted Baker items to my collection - my birthday is only around the corner hint hint anyone reading this stuck on what to buy me for my birthday.

If you do buy a pair on sandals, make sure you buy a pair of these beauties.

Are you Ted Baker mad like me??

Monday, 2 June 2014

A Day Out At The Otter, Owl & Wildlife Park - Chestnut Centre ♥

While I write this post, today also marks mine and my husbands 8 year anniversary of the day we started going out with each other - I can't believe how fast time flies.

Yesterday while the weather was lovely me and the Daz decided rather than staying in, we'd just go on a random drive somewhere, one thing I do love about Daz is he's just as keen to explore new places as I am and its nice having someone to share all that with, we are big animal lovers so when we took a trip to Buxon, we saw some flyers about the Chestnut Centre, we decided to go on on the way back home, it was about 20 minute drive from Buxton Town Centre.

Daz is a huge otter lover, so were were pretty much sold as soon as we saw the leaflet.
The Chesnut Centre Wildlife Park is nestled in the Peak Districts with some stunning views, I took the photo above on my new Nokia Lumia 1020 which I absolutely love taking photo's with, the camera is amazing.
There was no phone signal either so it was nice to not have any notifications or emails and just have some us time.

The scenery was so beautiful while the sunshine was out, we payed to get into the park - admission is £7.75 for adults and £5.50 for children or £23.50 for a family - I never mind paying prices like this because I know the ticket prices and public donations go towards funding the conservation programmes and any park that protects and looks after endangered species and animals gets the thumbs up from me.

We were walking along the path and didn't expect to be greeted by all these deer stood right in front of us.
They are obviously used to people because they didn't go anywhere, if anything they were quite inquisitive.
They were all so beautiful and looked like Bambi, it made me happy knowing they lived here and were free to roam everywhere and were in no danger, we had one little guy or girl, we weren't sure what gender she was, who we found after going round the park once, he or she took quite a liking to us after about 5 minutes.
Obviously we took lots of photos, its not often we get this close to deer back home and such an adorable one if that, I wanted to take he or she home with us.

After a walk past the deers, we were on a long pathway which we had map for, so we followed that round the park - the Chestnut Centre is quite a big park so their is a lot of walking involved, but its a nice walk if the weather is lovely.
As we walked further into the forest there were a few spacious cages scattered throughout with different types of owls in them and there was a board next to them telling you all about them.
A lot of the owls were asleep but that is expected because they are nocturnal, I couldn't believe how many different types they're is.

My favorites animals of this park were the giant otter's, they we so unbelievably cute and stole my heart, we arrived at the park right near feeding time at 3.00pm so they were a right noisy bunch, there was the mum, dad and their daughter sharing a huge enclosure, it was a rather sad learning that there were about 3,000 left in the wild, I'm glad there is havens like this to keep them protected and to stop them from disappearing with breeding programmes.
There were all different types of otter living here and you could quite clearly tell they were well looked after.
We stayed for the 3.00pm feeding time, the otters were so funny, the dad kept wanting the metal bowl the fish came in so the keeper threw it over for him to play with, he was tossing it in the air and everything, they were all really entertaining to watch - if you do visit make sure you arrive near feeding time, its one not to miss.

We spent about two hours here, you could make a full day out of it if you bought a family and a picnic because there are plenty of places to sit down and lots of photo opportunities if your a keen photographer, I'll definitely be coming back with a better camera next time so I  can snap come more photos of these guys.

You can read more about The Chestnut Centre through their website here - link.

Have you ever been to The Chestnut Centre before?

This post is not in anyway sponsored.

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