Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My Sweet Box - Sweeties Through Your Letter Box ♥

One thing I do love aside from clothes is sweets, I have an extreme sweet tooth so if you buy me sweets or chocolate as a gift, I will love you forever.

I was asked to review this sweet box by My Sweet Box.
My Sweet Box are a shop on Etsy who deliver sweet boxes straight through your letter box - ideal for birthdays or if you just want to surprise someone and make their day with their favourite sweeties.

In my box I received:
1 Bag of Haribo Tangfastics
3 Wham Bars
2 Packs of Strawberry Millions
1 Pack of Refreshers
1 Bag of Jelly Tots
1 Pack of Wine Gums

The overall design of the box was simple with the little personalized touches which I loved,  such as the personalized little note attached to the sweets on string - you could add your own message if you were sending this as a gift - I like the little details on the box too such as the shops logo sticker on the top left hand corner and on the side of the box, it wasn't to much.

You can choose which sweets you wish to put inside the box you want to send, I asked for a surprise because I'm not really fussy when it comes to choosing sweets.
I was impressed with the selection because a few of these sweets happen to be my favorites, they all fitted perfectly inside this box and were all displayed neatly - exactly how I would expect to receive them. 

Would I say these boxes are value for money?
Well this box and the price includes the postage, packaging, a selection of sweets, presentation and a personalized touch so I would say yes, this box is good value for money for £9.99 and a lot of thought and presentation has gone into creating these sweet boxes.

I would purchase from this shop again in the future, I think its a wonderful idea and means that you don't always have to send your typical box of chocolates in the post, its the thought that counts and if someone sent one of these through my letter box I'd be a very happy lady indeed.

You can also find MySweetBox on Twitter by clicking this - link and Facebook - link

What do you think of this sweet box?
Do you think they are a good idea?

Monday, 26 May 2014

What I Wore - Great Plains ♥

*Cobolt Blue Striped Maxi Dress - Great Plains - £60.00 
Feather Necklace - Dorothy Perkins - Vintage.

Long time no see lovelies, I haven't been blogging as often as I have wanted to recently, the weather has just been too nice to stay in on a computer and I have been out and about doing lots of different things.
If you have me on instagram xxmrschaddertonxx you will see what I have been up to.
Spring/Summer always tends to be a busy season for me and others I bet, because I do like being in the outdoors exploring new places when the weather stays nice for more than one day.

I was sent this lovely maxi dress a few weeks ago from Great Plains I have only heard of them just recently when I was introduced to the website.
They stock some gorgeous sophisticated fitted pieces to suit all trends.
This maxi dress however caught my eye straight away, the colours are bold and I thought these would be easy piece to pull off during the day and night this season.
I do love maxi dresses, I never know what to wear when the weather is like how it is in England so I find opting for a maxi dress/midi skirt is the best option if I want to play it safe.

This particular maxi dress is made out of a soft jersey fabric which has some stretch in it, I opted for a size small as I'm between a 8/10 these days and it fitted really well.
I wore mine with gladiator sandals but you could opt for a wedge during the evening which is what I may do.
I already know this dress is going to be a key staple in my wardrobe this summer, and the cobolt blue colour would be striking against a darker skin tone.
The stripes are also very flattering and will draw your eyes away from the parts of your body you may feel conscious about.

Do you like this dress?

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Important Lessons I've Learned In My Life ♥

I decided to write this motivational post because I wanted to share some of my life experiences my readers can hopefully relate too.

1 . Never think you can't do something - The amount of times I have told myself this throughout the 25 years of my life growing up, I was a self doubter and if I thought I couldn't do something then I probably wouldn't try, until that was of course when it came to learning to drive.
I never had any passion or any intention to get behind a wheel, EVER!!! 
I was quite happy getting buses and trains to where I needed to get, until that time came where basically I had to learn without a question of a doubt.
When I started my driving lessons I was still pretty sure that I was never in a million years going to pass and if I'm honest I did kid myself for a while, it was only when I did fail my test first time round that I realized that I could do this if I really wanted to, I just needed to try harder, nothing gives you a boost more that failing.
When you fall down you have to get back up again - I did finally pass fourth time lucky after two more rooky errors the other two times I went it for my test.
But when my driving examiner signed that form and handed it to me and told me I had passed, I felt something I had never felt before - accomplishment - and that taught me that moment in time that you can do anything you want - but first you have to try.

2. Things Always Get Better - Growing up every little thing used to be the end of the world for me, from my hair not going right in the morning to not getting my college work in on time, 
That was until I lost my mum back in 2010, it was like my life was taken from me, shook around and then handed back to me, everything was a complete mess and I honestly didn't think life would get any better, that was when I realized that everyday problems had been nothing compared to this.
But with any problem, time is a healer and things do get better but only if you let them.
Its hard to say that when your moping about on a couch but you only get given one life regardless of what happens and you need to make the best of it.
Baby steps always work, days out with friends to take your mind away from problems, surrounding yourself with family and someone to talk when you need to, always makes things seem better and they are all little ways which will help.
Your allowed to feel sad and mad at what life throws your way sometimes and it may seem crappy at the time - but you won't always feel like this.
Things will get better.

3. Don't Let Other People Ruin Your Happiness - I have been let down by a lot of friends in my lifetime and I know I'm not alone when I say this, I used to give people second chances but found our friendship wasn't the same second time around so I simply made the decision to move on if it didn't work out.
I've learnt that cutting negative people out my life has made me happier, it can be quite scary not being someone's friend anymore especially when it feels lke they have been a big part of your life, but when their presence is just gradually making your life miserable, that's when you know - they aren't someone you would call a friend.
You will always meet new people wherever you go, it could be in a new job, a new place, or even through blogging, staying friends with the negative people will get in the way of meeting people who could me making a difference in your life.
I don't regret any of my friendships, but diminishing a few friendships along the way has made way for new one's, and I've got some really amazing friends in my life now and I finally feel like I'm in a good place.

4. Don't Give Up Keep Going - I'm still a little guilty of doing this sometimes when I'm feeling a little low but I always try and remind myself of a time I last felt like that and something good came out of it, especially when it came to job hunting, I always felt disheartened when I didn't hear back from somewhere I was hopeful about, but rather than giving up, I treated every day as a fresh start, which is how you should deal with most problems, bad days always seem to outnumber the good days, but every day is different and if you don't try and aim for something you want, you won't get it.
As for the job front, I got one eventually which goes to show - Don't Give Up!!

5. Lastly Enjoy Your Life - You have to enjoy your life, you can't spend every day hating it if its not going your way.
Little things make me enjoy life and that's what always counts.
Visit somewhere you have never been before, switch off your phone and have some you time with yourself, a friend or loved one.
Always take too many pictures, because those are the moments that will be captured forever,
Find the beauty in everything - I hate rain but I always forget how peaceful it can be listening to it splashing against your windows at night when your tucked up in bed.
Spend as much time as you can with family, they are important and won't always be around.
Never have regrets, no ones perfect and most of the things we have regretted will have made us who we are now.
Find happiness in other peoples happiness to, instead of being jealous, be happy for them.
Lastly live your life the way you want to, not how someone wants you too.
Remember we only get one life.

This post is not in anyway sponsored and written 100% by me - images sourced from weheartit

Friday, 9 May 2014

La Rouche - Posay Rosaliac CC Creme ♥

*LaRoche-Posay Rosaliac CC Creme SPF30 - £16.55

With most beauty products I have to use it for a fair amount of time before I can express my thoughts on the product.

This is the first time I have tried anything from LaRouch-Posay and I was quite impressed.

My every day make up routine does consist of my normal BB creme, I like a light to medium coverage.
This particular CC creme can be used if you need to correct sensitive, redness prone skin - not naturally having clear skin all the time I do suffer from redness so I can not go make up free even if I wanted to - it can be used on fair to medium skin tones.

With added SPF 30, you can wear this during the day for a light coverage instead of slapping greasy sun cream on your face - perfect for during the day on holiday, it also protects against UVA & UVB which most sun creams protect you from.

For application, I think its best to apply this with your hands, then use a foundation brush to blend in any streaks or mark before lightly dusting with some face powder.

I found this CC creme didn't give me as much coverage as my BB creme, but that's nothing  a bit of concealer can't fix anyway, it was light on my skin and I didn't need to be touched up throughout the day which is a bonus and it definitely did the job of toning down any redness to my skin.
I have sensitive skin too, so normally anything perfumed does tend to irritate and dry my skin out, this didn't and effectively kept it quite moisturized.

So thumbs up to this product.

You can buy this CC Creme from escentual  - Link - 

Have you tried this CC creme before or used anything else from this range?

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Furry Friend Tag #2 ♥ Sasha ♥

I  did this same post last month featuring my cat Jimjam - you can read it here -
I know a few of you enjoyed reading all about him, so I decided to do a second post  featuring my dog Sasha,
occasionally put photos up on instagram of her so in this post you can learn more about her.

What is your pet’s name? 

What kind of pet are they and what breed? 
A dog of course - she is a short haired border collie but don't get her mixed up with the black and white breed, she actually is a blue merle collie - so she has a merle gene which creates these pretty patches of colour she has.

How long have you had your pet? 
4 years and 3 months.

How did you get your pet? 
After my mum has passed away my dad was living alone so we decided getting a dog would help a great deal, not only to help take our mind off such a tragedy but also to give my dad some company.
We got her in the February 2010 from Nutshaw Kennels in Burnley as a pup, she was all on her own in a kennel looking all sad and lonely, her sister had been sold a few hours before, there were lots of different breeds of pups but my dad didn't want to look any further and that was the day Sasha came home with us.

How old are they? 
She's about 4 years and seven months now.

What are some quirky things about your pet’s personality? 
Overall she's a mad ball of fluff, if she isn't trying to squeeze into the tiniest spot just so she can sit in your lap and join you you, she constantly follows you round like a shadow, its very rare these days I can go anywhere without her being there.
She's ALWAYS happy - I wish i could learn a thing or two from her about not letting life get you down.
She adores teddies and will rip their noses off and the care label only, no idea why.
She's just a sweetheart in general, I couldn't name a bad bone in her body.

What does your relationship with your pet mean to you? 
She's my best friend, its a bit different owning a dog to a cat, dogs depend on you more, she may not be mine but I feel like shes my responsibility, dogs aren't an easy animal to own because they need your care an attention every second of the day, but she is always their for me, walks in the park are funner because of the daft things she does and she's like a ray of sunshine everyday I see her, that wagging tail and happy face each time she see's me makes me feel lucky to have her in my life.

What are some of your favourite past times with your pet? 
Everyday we spend together, our walks together, there is nothing better than going for a walk with your dog to clear your head, but the one thing I will always remember is that after losing my mum, she was the reason I managed to smile so much through them hard times.

What are nicknames that you call your pet?
Sassssh, Sashaaaaaaa.

Favourite toy? 
Everyone she owns that squeaks, if it doesn't squeak, its no good.

What do you love about your dog??

Saturday, 3 May 2014

What I Wore - Flower Power ♥

 | Sarah Sunflower Tunic - £20.00 - Style Loft - Link - | Beige Shoes - So You Shoes - Vintage | Lipstick - Morange - MAC | Dragonfly Ring - Dorothy Perkins - Vintage |

In today's post I am wearing this stunning Sarah Sunflower style shift dress which I absolutely love, it kind of has a 60's "flower power" feel to it too.
The colours are so bright and just scream out summer, sunflowers happen to be my favourite print after daises of course when it comes to my summer wardrobe.

You can buy this dress from LINK - 
The colours are quite bright but I think this is why I love it so much - Its all about bright colours in the summer and with neon making a comeback again - this is a key piece you should have hanging in your wardrobe.

I like that you can wear it during the day dressed down in sandals or gladiators and then pop some heels on for the night time later on.
I decided to wear this dress how I would for an evening out, I decided to keep the shoes neutral so I didn't take any attention away from the dress, plus I think it would of been a bit OTT if I had opted for a brighter shoe.
My lipstick is MAC's "Morange" matte lipstick which is my favourite lipstick of all time.

If your a regular reader of my blog you will know that I posted an outfit of the day also featuring a piece from click here and visit their online shop.

If you want to win £200 worth of clothes from STYLE LOFT you can visit their FACEBOOK PAGE and enter - you have to be in it to win it.

Do you love this dress? 
How would you wear it??

Friday, 2 May 2014

How I Spent My April ♥

April feels like it came and went in a blur all over again, I can't believe we are in May already, in less than 5 months I would have been married a year, and I feel like I consumed my body weight in chocolate last month after Easter - May will be all about eating healthier.

At the end of April I spent the Monday with my husband at Alton Towers where I finally got to go on the new ride - after queuing first time round for an hour -  "The Smiler" 
We got free tickets from "The Sun" newspaper, the weather was gorgeous all day and I actually enjoyed myself, normally I'm a right chicken when it comes to roller coasters, there were hardy any queues for anything else and we pretty much walked onto every ride.
 How amazing do those little doughnuts taste too, I'm drooling again looking at the picture above.

I also love that the weather has been a lot nicer this month and I have even managed some sunbathing time, I can't wait for the summer though when the sunshine decides to stick around a bit more.

Me and my husband have had quite a few days out this month, I have had a few weekends off for a change from work and have been working Monday to Friday so I have been taking advantage of them, we went up to Didsbury - you can see a few photo's from Fletcher Moss here - I got quite a lot of feedback from that post, about how beautiful it was, I think I will definitely be heading back there again in the future for more outfit posts and we did a few hours up in Uppermill one other weekend which is a lovely little town near where my husband is originally from and also where I found my wedding dress.

At the start of April I went on the Coronation Street tour too - you can see that post here - if you missed it.
That was really fun and I actually wouldn't mind doing it again a bit earlier in the day because by the time we got outside to take photos on the street, it got dark within 15 minutes - if you haven't done it yet i'd recommend it.

In May I have lots of plans including a few gigs to see John Bishop, Mcbusted & Charlie Simpson.

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