Sunday, 12 January 2014

What I Wore Today - Sunday ♥

I know I don't seem to be blogging as much at the moment, I am trying to fit the time in to do more things I want to do this year that I normally never have any time for, so recently I have been reading - part of my new years resolution to read at least one book a month.
So far I have downloaded and read Billy & Me - you can see what I thought in my good reads sidebar.
I managed to get my husband to take a few photos of me in this outfit I wore today.
It reflects how today and how most of Sundays are, lazy and made for lounging.
I received this *jumper a few weeks ago from Sammy Dress here , however I have to be careful of the holes on it when I am around door handles, it is however a lovely fine knit to throw on over a cami top, I wore it with some wet look leggings.

I wore my new boots that I got from New Look in the Christmas sales - they were £13.00 reduced from £27.00 so I feel like a picked up a good bargain there and they are such a nice colour that will go with a lot of pieces in my wardrobe.

Today me and my husband were meant to go up to York or the day but he's full of a cold unfortunately, so I thought I'd fit in some blogging time and pop up a photo of today outfit.
We did go out for a little walk and grabbed a hot chocolate but it was faaaar to cold to go to faaaar.

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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Make a New Year Resolution: Top Three Exercise Classes ♥

Make a New Year Resolution: Top Three Exercise Classes

The New Year is a perfect time to regain control of your life – out with the old and in with the new! Take the opportunity this year to make a resolution that you can stick to; there’s no point aiming for something that you won’t enjoy achieving and the feeling of failure when the resolution isn’t achieved is never a good feeling. Instead, choose a resolution that you can see yourself doing and you’ll see positive changes in no time.
Plenty of people say that they’re going to get fit as part of their positive New Year attitude, but not everyone can actually stick to those plans. Joining the gym is all well and good, in theory, but when you then take into account the monthly subscription fees, the idea can already go down the drain before you’ve even started. Add to that the concept of going to the gym a couple of times a week and trying to fit the time into a busy schedule can automatically mean that this resolution won’t be happening. Instead, take a look at the various exercise classes that are available in your area – the choice is amazing nowadays, with plenty of fun-filled classes available that you’ll be more likely to want to go to as well as out of necessity in your quest to get fit. 


The idea of heading to the pool and doing lap after lap of front crawl can seem a little boring. Instead, why not take a look at the various classes that incorporate water into an organised class, such as aquazumba or synchronised swimming? George’s swimsuits range is both affordable and stylish, so that you can look and feel good in the pool, and other than a couple of swimsuits, you won’t need much else!

Pole Fit

Take away the negative attitudes towards pole dance, and remove the connotations of seedy strip joints, and what you get is an incredibly hard workout that will tone every muscle in your body. These pole fit classes are increasing in popularity day after day, with more and more people (men included!) realising that the stamina, muscle strength and cardio workout that you develop is a super way of toning up and having fun.


This Latin-inspired dance workout will really get you sweating! It’s taken the world by storm, with various classes in every city across the country. It’s a great way to enjoy new dance moves, while also giving yourself a great hour of exercise. Not only that, but you will find your rhythm will improve too!

Finding the time to enjoy an exercise class can be difficult – many of us are already trying to juggle endless chores, errands, work commitments and of course, family life. That being said, your family will notice a positive change and will benefit, indirectly, from the time you make for yourself. By thinking about yourself for a change, you will be less stressed and more balanced as a person; your family will appreciate the happier you, too! 

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Lifestyle: 7 Resolutions for 2014 ♥

I wasn't sure if I was going to post this as they always seem cliche this time of year and everyone does them but I decided since this was MY blog I should write about whatever I wanted.

I have decided on 7 resolutions for the new year, I wrote my new years resolutions for 2012 but never actually set myself any for 2013.

So here are my 7 resolutions for 2014 - Please let me know if you too are doing any similar to mine.

1. Read at least one book a month - I used to absolutely love reading and I didn't get to read many books in 2013 mainly because I was more preoccupied with planning my wedding.
This year I want to read and complete at least one new book a month from all my favorite authors, which shouldn't be too hard as my favourite author Paige Toon has 2 new releases this year,
I'm hoping to review a few of my favourite reads on here too.

2. Write in my journal daily - If you are following me on instagram you will know I have recently started my own 5 year journal by Debbie Hodge here, I was inspired by the original 5 Year Q&A journal on Amazon but didn't want to have to wait for it to come in the post because I'm so impatient.
So I went out and bought my own journal and will be using Debbie's questions throughout the year and answering them by writing one or two lines a day, I think its will be nice to compare answers over the 5 years and see how much my life changes and I'm more likely to fill this in daily than having to write a full page.

3. Write my own book - I have always wanted to do this and my dream would be to have my book published and for others to be able to read it.
I started one in 2012 so I'm hoping to finish that this year.

4. Have a nice starting amount saved by 2015 - The next thing on mine and my husbands to do list is to save for our own place before we start a family in a few years, I'm quite old fashioned like that and I want to feel secure before we even start thinking about a family.
We have been living in our flat almost four years so a nice little house to call ours would be lovely.

5. Visit somewhere new this year - I love going to new places and I want to see so much of the world so going somewhere I have never been before in England or abroad would be nice.
I have two places on my wishlist, they are Paris & Amsterdam, I'd love a city break this year.

6. Find a part time job I love - I got made redundant not once but twice last year when I worked for Jane Norman which was a shame as I did actually enjoy my time there and also I started working at USC part time but I hated it so I quit, so this year will be all about finding a job I will love and not hate.
I already have 32 hour a week job want to fill in those extra 8 hours to earn a few more pennies towards saving.

7. I say this every year but I want to eat and be little healthier - This year will be cutting all those takeaways out, I'm going to be realistic and not ban myself completely, but I most certainly won't be having my weekly one's like I have been doing.
I want to cook more and try new foods that I haven't tried before.
I'm not banning sweets or chocolate but I am going to try and cut the snacking out and have treats less often.
I will also push myself to go to every single pilates class every week.

I hope in 2014 I can achieve these because I think setting yourself some goals definitely gives you something to aim for 

Do you have any new years resolutions similar to mine this year?

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Beauty: The Bodyshop - Post Party Skin Boosters ♥

*Tea Tree Oil - £7.00

After Christmas and New Year I like most people feel like I've neglected my skin a little bit, I don't tend to spend as much time caring for it like I normally do.
I normally pop on a face mask weekly whilst I'm in the shower to get deep into those pores and remove build up, but I've not even had time for that until today.
I relaxed in the bath for a good half hour and read this months issue of cosmo which was BLISS and popped on a strawberry face mask .

I've had these two beauties for a good couple of months and my favourite has been the Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream for your face.
After a cleanse there is nothing more refreshing that popping a moisturiser on and letting it soak into your skin for a few minutes, I couldn't live without a daily moisturiser.
This particular cream is a pink pearly colour with light reflective particles that leaves your skin illuminated after application, perfect for those who don't wear a lot of make up but you can still wear this under your foundation like I do for a healthy glow.
A pot of this can last your a good two months morning and night this has left my skin extremely soft and more healthier looking.

The Tea Tree Oil is perfect to pop on those pimples you have creeping up, or want to get rid of.
Tea Tree has lots of antibacterial properties and its an ingredient I use a lot of as because so good for your skin,
After moisturizing I pop some of this on a cotton bud and just dab at my problem area's,
A small bottle of this would last you a good 6 months I reckon if you get the occasional blemishes like me around a certain time of the month.

I absolutely love products from the Bodyshop, I got a few goodies for Christmas including the lollipop body butters and lip balms which may make an appearance on my blog in the future.
I always think you end up paying a little bit more than you want to at The Bodyshop but without a doubt I have never been let down by any of their products and I honestly think they are worth the hype and the money.

Have you tired any of these products?

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