Friday, 12 December 2014

Life | Luna - 2 Months On..... ♥

Doesn't she look cute - the Christmas tree was shortly on the floor after this photo was taken twice.....
This little one is almost 5 months old and she is still a little devil, I actually feel like I have a child at times, I don't have children so I guess I don't know entirely but I have a feeling looking after a kitten is somewhat like having a child - in some aspects.
She likes to play fetch - we have no idea why, its something she's done since we got her at 8 weeks, we'd throw her toy(s) and she would just bring them back - now she'll bring anything back, including my gloves (from out my hand bag).

She's now drinking from the bath tap - we have someone to blame for that - seems she looks up to Jimjam a bit to much and wants to be just like him.
 Trips to the toilet are a nightmare especially if she can't come in, she will cry till you eventually let her in, I sometimes question my sanity when I'm sharing the bathroom constantly with two cats, even more so when I'm having a shower and there is a kitten sat on the edge of that bath.
She's still not sleeping with us in the bedroom yet because she's not learnt the concept of bedtime like Jimajm has but she will eventually (I hope) - shes a bit of a night owl at the moment and  think Jimjam cherishes that alone time at night and the peace.


Luna's also a bit of a snugglebum too, you can't pick her up and expect to cuddle her, she has to come to you for attention and decide when and where she wants to lie, most of the time its usually when your reading a magazine or I'm blogging, they seem to be the perfect opportunities to fall asleep in my lap.
Also falling asleep on the middle of the rug is comfy too, even though she has a perfectly comfy bed on the sofa....
She's eating kitten food but she much prefers jimjams and jimjam prefers hers - why do cats do this??
and she literally wants to eat everything you eat, including my cereal first in the morning, its not fun prising a kitten off your waist with a brew in one hand a cereal bowl in the other - claws are sharp.
She may be a little terror sometimes - like the time she managed to tip the entire contents of her litter tray off the side - twice - or the 100 times we've had to replace the loo roll because she thinks she's an andrex puppy and toilet roll is fun to unravel - but.... I love her and her own little personality and I could watch the pair of them causing havoc all day, because you know what cats may just be the best pets ever....

Have you got any funny kitten stories or do you have a terror just like Luna??

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