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12 Of My Favourite One Tree Hill Scenes ♥

Today's Sunday post is me reminiscing about my all time favourite TV show, and if you have visited this post (high five, it means you love One Tree Hill too.)
Like me I hope this post makes you smile, maybe even make you want to watch these famous episodes all over again.
One Tree Hill taught me a lot growing up throughout its nine seasons, and to this day I still absolutely love it, I desperately (still do) always wanted to be as beautiful as Brooke Davis, have a love like Lucas and Peyton's (I do), and a family as beautiful as Nathan and Hayley's (one day) 
So here we go - my 12 favourite One Tree Hill scenes (Because I couldn't pick 10)

1. This scene with Lucas and Petyon is and will always be my favourite scene ever from One Tree Hill when Lucas says to Peyton "When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me, its you.... its you peyton" I blubbed a bucket of tears during that scene, it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster that episode too - you can relive that scene here - link.

2. Nathan and Hayley's first tutoring session, when Nathan gives Hayley that bracelet and say "Don't say I never gave you anything" it was the start of true love between these two and this scene never fails to make me smile - you can relive this scene on Youtube here - Link.

3. When Nathan re proposes to Hayley in Season 3 after after their difficulties in Season 2 - I preferred this proposal second time round.
You can relive their proposal here - link.

4. Nathan & Hayley get married for the second time round in front of their family and friends in Season 3 and its just as beautiful as the first time they got married.
You can relive their wedding second time round here - link.

5. I was always routing for Brooke to find true love and when Julian turned up in season 6, I knew it was going to be happily ever after for Brook finally, this scene is where she tells him she loves him and shes ready to let him in "Believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do."
You can relive that scene here - link.

6. You also can not forget Brooke & Julian's romantic proposal in season 7.
You can relive their proposal here - link.

7. And they finally got married in Season 8 and Brooke has her happily ever after (I love the flashbacks in this scene to when they first met too) - how beautiful did Brooke look in her wedding dress.
You can relive Brooke and Julians wedding here - link.

8. After all the will they won't they's thoughout the series with Lucas and Peyton, they finally get together and Lucas proposes properly for the second time at "their" spot.
You can relive that scene here - link.

9. And their wedding was so beautiful too - I probably waited for this scene from the start of the show too.
You can relive Lucas and Peytons wedding here - link.

10. When Brooke tells Julian she is pregnant - we see the heartache Brooke goes through because she wants a family of her own and she's told she can't - this is such an emotional but happy scene.
You can relive that scene here - link.

11. When Hayley & Nathan Become parents for the first time second time they are perfection and the most amazing parents that I aspire to be like one day.
Brooke finally has twin boy's after not being able to conceive and adoption fails and Lucas and Peyton start a family these four scenes are some of my favourites too.

 12. Lastly who can forget the ending of the final season of One tree Hill - sob - I thought they ended this series perfectly.

You may notice I didn't put any Clay or Quinn scenes in this post, it was nothing personal against the show, I loved them too - It was just hard picking just 12 scenes.

What is your favourite One Tree Hill Scene??

*All images have been taken from Tumblr and Google and are not my own.

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