Friday, 28 November 2014

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I just love wearing skinny jeans, I just feel much more comfortable in them especially in Autumn/Winter when I can wear them with boots and warm woolly jumpers or dress them up with cami tops and my faux leather jacket. I know its started to get a little bit more chilly now but I've not been ready for a big coat just yet.
You will see in my previous post I got an exciting package in the post from Bella Cosa Boutique, one of the surprises in that package was this beaut of a scarf. 
About 2 years ago I bought my first scarf and since I haven't been able to stop buying them and this one is an exception, I love the colours and the pattern.
It may be a little bright for some but all year round I like to embrace a bit of colour,
I do love wearing my Autumn shades but some days when its dark and gloomy I just can't really help myself.
Scarves are perfect for dressing up plain tops and jumpers and they are not as thick as woolly winter scarves, unless its absolutely freezing - which makes them an all year round essential.
I've worn mine how I would normally wear my scarf, in two ways, long down at either side or I like to tie it up in a knot at the neck if its a little bit chillier, there is so many ways you can wear them with your everyday outfits.
My boots that I am wearing are also my favorites at the minute too, at a fab £15.00 they go with everything I own, making them the perfect piece of footwear this A/W.

You can also get 10% off at Bella Cosa Boutique  by entering SMALL10 in at the check out.
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What are you favourite A/W casual essentials??

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