Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Body Shop - The Glazed Apple Festive Range ♥

| *Glazed Apple Body Butter - £13.00 - Link |

When the new "Glazed Apple" range arrived, I had high hopes, like with most Body Shop products they are always strong smelling and I absolutely love using them while in the shower and afterwards - I'm not really a bath person these days so the products that were sent to me couldn't of been anymore perfect really.

"Glazed Apple" is a new seasonal range for November/December - make sure you pop it on your xmas list to santa - I already have.
Smelling of mouth watering glazed apple, you might end up accidentally want to eat this rather than use it, I know I almost did..... oops.
There are so many products available in this range so there is something for everyone from "The Glazed Apple Lip Balm" to "The Glazed Apple Bath Sprinkles" your sure to find something.
I have used all of these three products this month and I have literally fell in love, I hope they keep this range or bring it out every year.
 Myfavourite has been The Glazed Apple Body Butter, it smells a dream when I use it to moisturize after a shower, The Glazed Apple Shower Gel goes a long way too, you only need a small amount and it lathers up pretty well, a bottle of this would last you months.
I'm not a big lover of soaps so I've not used The Glazed Apple Soap as much as I hoped, I have however placed it in the sink though so the other half and guests can use it.

If you love the sound of this range, there are some fab Christmas pressies you can request this year below too including sets starting from just £15.00.

Have you tried tins range yet?? 
What did you think??

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