Thursday, 13 November 2014

Meet Little Luna ♥

We've had little Luna, Just over a month and two weeks now but it feels like we've had her forever now, she slotted into our household like a tiny jigsaw piece.
We'd been contemplating getting a new cat for over a year so when we got back off our holiday we decided after seeing way to many cute cats while away that Jimjam needed a friend, 4 years had been too long.
We were a bit apprehensive really, I didn't know how Jimjam was going to respond, he is quite a sociable cat and he also gets a lot of attention, throwing another cat in that equation is always a tricky one because of jealousy.

But we didn't have to worry to much - within a day they were sharing the same bed space, but I think its taken longer for him to be won over by her, she's a little persistent - like us girls are - and I think she has pretty much forced her way lovingly into his life by cosying up to him during nap time at every opportunity, that and the fact he gets dreamies when she's around.
They still have a squabble every now and again because Luna thinks jumping on his face is appropriate, but that's kittens for you.
She's a little over 4 months now and she's still tiiiiny, and an absolute devil.
But I'm glad we got her and completed our little furry family.

Next on the agenda hopefully will be real babies.....eventually.

How cute is she??

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