Friday, 17 October 2014

Our First Wedding Anniversary In Lanzarote ♥

My reason for absence on here has been partly because I went on holiday almost three weeks ago and since I got back I have been so busy trying to get back into the swing of everything - including blogging.
I think a months break was well earned.
This post is quite photo heavy so I apologise, I just couldn't choose between photos.

We went to Lanzarote for two weeks to celebrate our first wedding anniversary together and also to have a break, we stayed in a lovely part of Lanzarote called Playa Blanca, the beaches were golden and our hotel "Iberostar Papagayo" was located right next to the sea so we had an a amazing view every day to look out on.

Our hotel was a 30 minute walk each day to the main beaches and shops and 15 minutes away from the most stunning marina I have ever seen, we did the 30 minute walk most nights after we had eaten dinner and the sun was just setting.
 I'll miss these walks the most, because the sky was always an array of beautiful colours, you will see at the bottom of this post exactly what I'm talking about.

You will also see the top photo above this post, for those wondering who took that, we had a photography session with a photographer from our hotel who captured lots of natural shots of us having fun to celebrate "our first year together" it was a lovely way to remember this holiday.

I fell in love with Lanzarote the second time round I came here, I'd previously been with my parents 10 years ago and it just seemed so much more different than when I last came - maybe I appreciate the beauty of places now I'm older and wiser.

The volcanic landscape give this island the its natural beauty, we were really intrigued by the volcano's so we did the Timafaya National Park tour which took us all around the volcanoes with a camel ride for 6 euro's beforehand, if you ever go Lanzarote I'd recommend this trip, it is so interesting - shame our tour guide almost put us to sleep with her voice.

We also did a few other trips while we were here, we hopped on the bus near our hotel and visited Peurto Del Carmen for the day, this was where I stayed previously and it had not changed one bit.
We also sailed over to the other beautiful island of Fuerteventura on the day of our first wedding anniversary,  it was a 40 minute ferry ride for 20 euro's each, I've stayed in Corralejo twice already so I knew where to go and I even visited the two hotels I'd stayed in previously, it was fun exploring the island as it had been 8 years since I'd last been, we even fitted in some sunbathing and shopping.
We finished our night with a romantic meal at The Aphrodite Little Italy restaurant at the marina, the food was incredible and it was always fully booked so you can imagine it does well - I'd recommend that restaurant to you if you are going or ever visit Playa Blanca.

Above is a stunning photo I took on my camera phone of one of the sunsets we had the pleasure of watching, I took many photo's, the view was just so breath taking, definitely one of my all time favourite holiday photos - aren't sunsets amazing.

We had a fantastic holiday here and we'll definitely be visiting again, I'll let all of my photos do the rest of the talking.

Have you been to Lanzarote??
Where did you stay??

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