Friday, 15 August 2014

Summer With Yankee Candles & Wax Lyrical ♥

I can never seem to get enough of Yankee Candles, since I discovered them I have countless wax tarts, tea lights, votive samplers and jars of all sizes lying around my little flat.
 I simply can not stop buying them because I am a Yankee Candle and a general candle addict.

Scented Candle Shop kindly sent me these goodies after reading I was quite the candle addict, 
I've been a fan of there online shop for some time particularly because they have great offers on all the time on their candle ranges and they have a monthly offer where particular scents have 25% off,
You can save you quite a bit of money especially if your buying the big jars which are only £14.99 each, they have a burn time of  roughly 90 - 150 hours, so they will last you quite a while - I still have my Christmas scents left over from last year.

I picked out these two summer scents which I hadn't tried before.

"Waikiki Melon" is a subtle fruity scent which has a nice sweet smell which isn't too overpowering, I'd say this is quite a summery scent and is one you should have burning if its a lovely sunny day, if you close your eyes you can try and imagine your on a tropical beach somewhere - I wish- the smell is very exotic and does actually remind me of fruity cocktails, 
I've burnt this one the most - can you tell I've been daydreaming a little bit to much about that beach.

"Black Coconut" is more of a fresh lingering scent, I love the smell of coconut, again sticking to the summer theme it reminds me of past summer holidays using palmers coconut butter and coconut shampoo's and conditioners, the smell is quite strong, enough to fill a room or my small flat but again not to overpowering.
This is why I love Yankee Candles, because they use good quality oils in their products.

I can't seem to choose my favourite between these two, I think I like them both for different reasons.
If I was recommending them both to you, I'd say to buy both, summers nearly over but if your feeling in a bit of an exotic mood, I don't see why you couldn't burn these.

One particular brand I have always wanted to try too is Wax Lyrical, and I was also sent a few of these small votives to test out myself, I used my butterfly tea light jar that I got for my birthday to burn these.
I was quite impressed with this brand, I could get at least 6 hours worth of burning time out of these with a scent - I think they are ideal if you want a nice relaxing night in or you have people round.
 For £1.49 you can't really complain.
 The scents were quite light too which I liked.
I'd be more tempted to buy the larger jars in the future.

You can buy from the Scented Candle Shop here - Link.

What are your favourite Yankee Candle scents for Summer?

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