Friday, 29 August 2014

Because Someone We Love Is In Heaven, There's A Little Bit Of Heaven In Our Home ♥

I'm in love with this quote that I now have in our living room above our dormer windows, I have wanted to get some new wall art for a while now.
Because we rent, redecorating is out of the equation, and I find vinyl lettering is the perfect alternative to decorate your home without picking up a paintbrush - best part it takes roughly about five minutes to put up too and can really liven up a bare wall.

This particular vinyl wall art are was kindly gifted to me by  - they specialize in banners and signs made to the highest quality - for your home or business - they also offer the lowest prices with designs starting from only £6.99.
They offer an online service where you can upload the images or writing you would like to be made into a banner or a sign or you can let them do all the work and design it for you.

Letting them design it for me was the option I picked and they did a fantastic job, I simply found an image online and told them exactly what I wanted, I was really pleased when it arrived and I found out they had replicated the exact design I had sent them, which was only a small image - I didn't think they would be able to match it.

My banner arrived quickly and safely packaged in a tube rolled up. 
Putting it up on my wall was really easy, I took the backing off the sticky sheet the banner was attached too and using a debit card, I placed the sticky side onto the wall and scratched at the vinyl lettering so it transferred from the sticky sheet to the wall, it was really simple to do and the finished design looked so pretty.

Me and daz have a few loved one's in heaven including my mum, so this quote is very close to our hearts.

You can visit Banner Buzz - - and make your own vinyl lettering to place on you wall at home, you can be as creative as you like, the options are endless.

Are you a fan of wall vinyl's??

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