Saturday, 12 July 2014

Sarah Croker Illustration & Design - Back To The Future Birthday Card & Converse ♥

Today is my husbands birthday and I really wanted to share with you this card I had made by the lovely Sarah from Sarah Croker illustrations, she is an extremely talented lady who designed this birthday card by hand and then painted over it, creating a one of a kind birthday card which I know my husband is going to be in "awe" at.

You can find her over on Facebook here - LINK - and she also has a website here - LINK.
I specifically wanted a card like this made because Daz - my husband- is a huuuge back to the future fan and this year I wanted to plan his birthday around this "theme" me and a few members of his family have all managed to come up with a Back To The Future inspired gift.
Including tickets to the "Back To The Future" Secret Cinema Event this year in London where they have recreated "Hill Valley" I'm a little excited for this as well as the "Enchantment Under The Sea Dance" they said will be taking place, I don't know what to expect because its been kept a huge secret so far including the actual location.

But anyway back to the card - your wondering why Marty doesn't look like Marty on the card - welll Marty has actually been transformed into Daz hence the "Great Scott Daz, Its Your Birthday, We Need To Get You Back To The Future" quote which I also came up with.
Sarah was brilliant, I emailed her and told her what I wanted, I sent a few images along including a photo of the "Doc" an image of  "Marty & Doc" both looking at there watches and then a picture of "Daz" - and she produced this amazing card, so thanks a lot Sarah, it is amazing and I'm sure he will want to frame it.

Sarah can design all sorts of cards for you, especially if its for a special occasion, and she also does smaller simpler designs - I'd 100% recommend her, she was so helpful and sent me pictures of the design once she had sketched it up ect and when she had finished painting it.

Of course his birthday would not be complete without some custom "Back To The Future Converse" which are only available from Arkham Prints on Etsy - LINK - they did a great job of printing this design out on these converse, the only complaints I have is the price of the shipping and the sneaky £23 customs charge I had to pay to release these shoes - they really should warn you about that - other than that I'm hoping my hubby will be over the moon with these birthday gifts.



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