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My Night In Wythenshawe Hall With Ghost Tours UK ♥

This is a different kind of post to one I would normally share on here, but a few of you requested me to write a post about my night at Wythenshawe Hall with Ghost Tours UK and more people than I thought showed a lot of interest, particularly after I had popped some photos up on my Facebook & Instagram page.

I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to things that go bump in the night, I lived in a house for 13 years of my life that was haunted, things happened that couldn't be explained, but I never felt like whatever it was, was trying to hurt me.
Some of you might not believe in ghosts, that's fair enough and most likely you will be reading this if you do believe in something.
I've never seen a ghost in real life but I've experienced things that have made me believe that we are not alone in this world.

I'd wanted to spend the night in Wythenshawe Hall  ever since I discovered that they did ghost tours,
This hall looked like the perfect setting for a haunted house and I seem to have a bit of a fascination with the tudor style houses as it is - this one dates back to the 16th century  so it has a lot of history.

 I'd also liked Ghost Tours UK for a few years now on Facebook after discovering them on google.
Ghost Tours UK tend to do paranormal investigations within the north west area and are a non profit organisation.
I missed the last tour they did at Wythenshawe Hall so I asked them to let me know when they were next doing a tour.
When tickets went on sale I booked them straight away and told the hubby he was coming with me - he didn't really have a say in the matter.
Tickets were £30.00 per person and the duration of the night was 6 hours.

Your wondering why I wanted to investigate here, well I did expect a lot from here experience wise after reading the following online about the paranormal activity that has been experienced here - you can have a look yourself  - link.

My Night Here:
Me and the hubby arrived at 8.30 pm, the tour started at 9.00 pm and there was roughly about 30 of us, maybe a few more, it didn't feel crowded and everyone felt really approachable - I suppose they had be since we were going to be sitting, standing and holding hands with some of them in the dark.
We went into the entrance area which was kind of like a great hall, it had a church feel to it, there were seated chairs where we could all take a seat before the night started.
When everyone arrived the team from Ghost Tours UK introduced themselves and told us a bit about them selves, who they were and what the night was going to involve and most importantly that they were not there to make us believe that ghost do exist but more to help us make up our own mind,

We weren't promised any paranormal activity and what was going to happen that night was for us to find out for ourselves.
We had 45 minutes of stand up medium ship from a medium called Rob, Rob's readings were very good, he managed to speak to about 5 of us, including me which was lovely - yet again you can make up your own mind if you believe in mediums or not - my mum passed away 4 years ago so any opportunity to hear from her is always a comfort, and he got everything spot on about her with no guessing, he just told it me how it was, which led me to believe him more than other mediums I have spoken to in the past.
After the 45 minutes, the team came back in after setting up cameras in each of the rooms we were investigating so they could record everything.

 Four of these cameras were projected on to a white screen so we could watch them ourselves throughout the night when we had our breaks for anything paranormal, we had plenty of tea, coffee and refreshments to keep us going throughout the night too, it was going to be a long night till 3.00 am.
We were separated into three different groups to go into different rooms with a few members from the Ghost Tours UK team, I think I felt a little bit better that they were men too, haha.
I didn't know what to expect from the night, if I'm honest because I had never done anything like this before.
 I was panicking a bit about it all and I didn't know what to expect, I sleep with a light on at home for god sake, but curiosity of the paranormal world always has the better of me.
The first room we went into, I can't quite remember what room that was, it may have been a study I'm not entirely sure.
We all stood round in a circle and we had to hold hands with the person next to us to gain enough energy for any spirits to communicate with us, we had an EMF meter in the room with us in the middle of the circle, EMF'S are often used as a means of communication with the paranormal world and the LEDs can remain static, fall or increase in response to questions if there is a spirit nearby, (similar to the one they use in ghost busters but not as Hollywood )
We were plunged into darkness which terrified me, thank god there was about 10 other people in that room with me and there was also a torch on standby. 

I can't quite explain the feeling I had but we all for some reason picked up on the presence of  a tall man in the room with us, I can not deny this, I had this feeling as though someone was stood right in front of me and it made me feel really uneasy, I just couldn't explain it and my hubby and the guy next to me picked up on it too, my heart was pounding and I kept getting the urge to bolt out of the room because this person was getting right up in my face, that feeling soon lifted though when we started asking questions, the EMF monitor was going crazy at certain points and it definitely made me feel less afraid communicating to whatever was there, we were asking all kinds of different questions trying to get answers about who this was, something was definitely trying to communicate with us and it certainly liked our laughter , after we had been in that room for a while we went to the next room which was the library.

The photo taken above was in the library before we started the investigation in here, I don't know if you know what orbs are, but they are ghosts in the form of a ball of light that can show up on a photo when you take a picture, I know it wasn't floating dust because the few photos I took, the orbs were in the same place, you can spot 4 by the naked eye but there is actually about 6/7 in total and I wasn't surprised, we had so much energy in this room and the EMF monitor went crazy in here, it was so exciting and again we were sat in complete darkness asking questions, it didn't help I had my back to an open door too - I hate open doors - I sensed the presence of a lady in this room, the presence felt different compared to the other room and a few of us all agreed on that too.

After we had been in this room, we had a short break before carrying on with the investigation.
One of the team from Ghost Tour UK had told us that he had gone upstairs to collect his coat (and he was the sort of guy who doesn't get scared) he was on his way down when he felt something blow on the back of his neck, he said he whizzed down them stairs faster than anything, this didn't really help because we were going up them stairs next.

The next room we went into did involve walking up these stairs I just talked about and there were a few corridors where we heard footsteps while we were in the room that we were investigating, no one else was around and I nearly had a heart attack when we were all trying to listen for sounds and then someone's tummy grumbled really loudly.

We definitely weren't alone up there and I most certainly did not want to be in them corridors alone in the dark, the two rooms we investigated did pick up on something but nowhere near as much as we did downstairs.
About 5 of us went up to the attic area which was a really small area, we didn't stay up here for long especially since we heard a growl and something being dragged twice in the room next to us.

I took this photo below shorty after we entered the attic, you can see two big orbs which were pretty close to us.

The photo below is the spooky corridors where we heard footsteps, I didn't pick any orbs up on this picture, which I was hoping I would capture.

We experimented with a few more pieces of paranormal equipment upstairs in the rooms that we were investigating, my hubby daz had to hold a pendulum, that was moving on its own without him moving it himself, this is usually used to determine the answers to questions that you can ask, the answers are determined by the pendulum swinging in one direction for yes and another for no.
The temperature also decreased upstairs and it was pretty cold down the corridors, this was measured using a digital thermometer - either way it definitely felt colder too.

After another mini break, the night had flown by this point,  it was 1.00 am before I knew it, I didn't feel tired, I think this sort of thing keeps you on high alert.
We went upstairs again to this next room, it was quite a big hall, it seemed like the sort of place where they used to maybe have dances or special occasions, that was the vibe I got from this room anyway.
Again we sat in the dark in a circle, the statues behind me really creeped me out, I could see them from the corner of my eye, even in the dark.

- can you get why I hated them and look there is another orb - 

Rob the medium came with us this time and he really didn't help me and daz when he turned round and said there was a man stood between us, thanks for that again rob haha, apparently he was someone related to daz, daz is still not sure who this person was.
 We stood up again and held hands with the person next to us again asking questions, the EMF monitor was going a little crazy again in this room, Rob the medium tried to communicate with who was there, I took a few photos and you can actually see a few orbs around Adam - one of the Ghost Tours UK team.

After being in this room we went to another room that was also upstairs, I felt like this room used to be a home schooling area because they still had the school desks here, I also picked up on the presence of children here.
We sat in the dark here while two people in our team took a clip board and a pen and tried to see if a spirit in the room could help us draw something , there were a few weird drawings that were drawn, I even had a go, but I'm unsure if it was me actually drawing or something else, I did feel something touch my hair though.
A few people went into the ajoining room where the school desks were and used dowsing rods - when something is found, the rods usually cross over one another making an X over the found object - I wasn't in this room so I didn't know what happened fully.

After the rooms upstairs we had another mini break, at the point it was about 2.00 am, I was actually disappointed  the night had flown by so fast, I was having a  lot of fun.
I snapped a few pictures down the dark hall and this photo came back also - more orbs.

The last part of the night was definitely unexplainable, we sat round a small table and used a small glass on the table to try and communicate in the hall we first sat in when we arrived, we had an EMF monitor to hand and we started asking questions.
I always doubt this sort of test because I think people can easily move a glass with there fingers, but we all turned our fingers upside down and placed the tip of our nail on the top of the glass, it was virtually impossible to move the glass ourselves that way, we were asking questions and the glass was moving, it seemed to have a bit of a fascination with two girls in our group, this ghost was for them apparently and wanted to send them a message, we got Rob the medium to see who this was trying to communicate and after about 10  minutes he confirmed this was someone messing around (meaning a spirit of this hall was tricking us) after that was confirmed we tried to communicate with this spirit and found out his name was Steven and he was doing some pretty impressive things for us, we had these cards with shapes on and we asked him to draw these shapes with the glass, but what really freaked me out was when Rob asked the spirit to draw the shape on the card he had - none of us could see what shape it was on the card he had in his hand  - the glass drew the correct shapes, not once or twice but three times, that confirmed that this was real, how could we guess the drawing on the card three times? And the way the glass was flying round the table, none of us had control, my finger kept slipping off the glass and so did others and I swear at one point it moved on its own, by then the rest of the teams had joined us because it was 3.00 am and they watched it too, it was truly unexplainable and I didn't question if it was fake or not.

After our night had finished we all sat down for 10 minutes and discussed what we had experienced that night in our teams with the whole group, it was really amazing hearing what everyone else had experienced and not one person said that this place was not haunted.

If you are still reading this - thank you for keeping up with all of this, it was quite the essay I wrote, but I wanted to share every little detail with you and give anyone who wants to do a paranormal investigation an idea of what a night like this involves.

From my experience of my night spent here  - I can confirm there is something paranormal about Wythenshawe Hall.

We spoke to member of staff at Wythenshawe Hall who said she had witnessed and heard things that were unexplainable and in the past she had heard footsteps and voices when she had been locking the rooms (rather quickly) at night, 
The staff will not work on there own in the evening and one staff member has witnessed seeing a headless man which may be something to do with a hanging tree that's within the grounds.

Ghost Tours UK were an excellent team and I felt really safe in there hands, I learnt lots of new things that night also.
 I just want to personally thank Ghost Tours UK on here for such a great experience and the chance to spend a night here, we really want to do a night here again in the future.

You can find Ghost Tours UK on Facebook - link - and Twitter - link

I really hoped you enjoyed reading this post, if you have any stories you want to share please share below.

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