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Brazilian Fever With The Bodyshop ♥

I don't know if many of you had to put up with watching the world cup, I was one of the lucky many who had to watch it anyway because my hubby is obsessed with any game that involves a football - I'm actually glad its over now - I just can't get into it I'm afraid.

When I did manage to avoid a few football games, I also had the opportunity to have a few relaxing nights myself  getting in the Brazilian spirit and using these essentials from the Body Shop - they have been pure luxuries these past few weeks when I have been having my relaxing baths while watching Pretty Little Liars in between on my Kindle.

Left to right - | * The Body Shop Scrub - £13.00 - Link |
The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth - £28.00 - Link |

In Rio's famous Ipanema and Copacabana beaches you will see that plenty of locals like to rub fine sand all over there bodies as they sunbathe, this smooths out the skin, flushing out impurities and helping to reduce the look of cellulite - I don't know about you but when I'm in a bikini on holiday that sometimes is one of my biggest insecurities straight after not having a flat enough belly - I'm not blessed with rock hard abs mainly due to the number of sweets and chocolate I can not give up.

You can get very similar results to the locals if you use a good scrub at home, especially like this shea body scrub from The Body Shop.
These scrubs are great exfoliators, they stimulate skin micro circulation and buff away the dead sin cells which in turn leave you with lovely silky soft moisturized skin.
I particularly love using this scrub on my legs and arms.
 The Body Shop sell a number of different scrubs in different scents, this particular one featured is very fitting for the Brazilian theme and has a sweet nutty smell.

Ever wondered why Brazlian women always have beautiful skin??
 Babassu Oil is an ancient Brazilian beauty secret, this oil is extracted from the nuts of the native babassu plant and is used by Brazilian women to soften and hydrate skin.
You can enjoy these benefits yourself by using these Nutriganics Drops Of Youth from The Body Shop available in two different sized bottles, they contain Community Fair Trade babassu oil - I have already seen the benefits myself.
I reviewed these drops not long ago on my blog - you can read more about these drops here - Link.

Have you ever wanted  Latina style radiance??
 You can achieve this by using The Body Shop Beautifying oil - this mango oil smells divine.
Multitasking, this oil helps you achieve perfect hydration to your skin and hair with a shimmering finish -perfect if you want to achieve that Brazilian Glow.
I loved using this on my legs and arms, especially after a long day out in the sunshine - pack a bottle of this in your suitcase for summer holidays.
I found this oil is also perfect to use in the ends of your hair if it is feeling a little dry.

With the football now over I'm still going to keep using these products - if you splurge on a few beauty products this summer, these should be your top three to go to.

Have you used any of these products?
What did you think??

*Some wording has been used from The Body Shop press release.

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