Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Summer Bucket List ♥

I've read a few of these posts on my blog and its been nice seeing what peoples plans are for summer 2014, I've even learned about a few new places myself bloggers want to go this summer.
So I was inspired to create my own bucket list of places I want to go and things I want to do.
The photo above was taken last summer 2013 on my 25th Birthday - you can read the original post here - link - It was from Formby Beach near Liverpool.

Take Sasha To The Beach For The Day - This one had to be the first obviously because the photo above just keeps reminding me, Sasha is my dads dog - she may as well be mine too - I adore that ball of fluff.
She has never been to the beach in the four years of her life and I just really want to take her, have you seen how much fun dogs have at the beach. they have a ball and I think she would absolutely love it, I'll probably end up buying her an ice cream too.
The weather has been a bit naff at the weekends, it can't seem to be sunny on a day I'm actually off - WHY!!!

Have A Weekend Break - We didn't do a lot last year because we were saving for our wedding and I'd love a weekend or night somewhere other than Manchester this year just to unwind and relax.
I'm not really to fussed where we go, Wales would be nice.

Take A Random Trip Somewhere - I'm not one of these people who can just get in the car and go somewhere, I have to plan in advance, but I often find the post spontaneous days out happen to be the best.
I'd love for me and daz to get in his car, he's driving - cause lets face it I have no sense of direction - and see where we may end up.
We took a random trip to the Chesnut Owl, Otter and Wildlife Park a few weeks ago, that was a last minute idea after we saw a leaflet and that turned out to be a wonderful day.

Go To More National Trust Parks - I'm not ashamed to admit that I love going to beautiful gardens that you can spend hours walking around, I love natural beauty and being able to take photos of beautiful places and there are so many National Trust Parks I haven't yet been too, one day I'd love to go to the Cubert Wildlife Walk in Cornwall where you can see a sea of poppies - imagine getting blog photo's there?? 

and lastly......

Be On Holiday For Our 1st Year Wedding Anniversary - There has been talks of a holiday, Daz keeps saying we should wait till the first week of September to look, we'd love to be abroad preferably Cyprus where we got married last September but we might just risk it and get a late deal somewhere new - Mexico seems to be on the horizon - finger crossed that happens.

Have You Got A Bucket List For Summer?

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