Monday, 2 June 2014

A Day Out At The Otter, Owl & Wildlife Park - Chestnut Centre ♥

While I write this post, today also marks mine and my husbands 8 year anniversary of the day we started going out with each other - I can't believe how fast time flies.

Yesterday while the weather was lovely me and the Daz decided rather than staying in, we'd just go on a random drive somewhere, one thing I do love about Daz is he's just as keen to explore new places as I am and its nice having someone to share all that with, we are big animal lovers so when we took a trip to Buxon, we saw some flyers about the Chestnut Centre, we decided to go on on the way back home, it was about 20 minute drive from Buxton Town Centre.

Daz is a huge otter lover, so were were pretty much sold as soon as we saw the leaflet.
The Chesnut Centre Wildlife Park is nestled in the Peak Districts with some stunning views, I took the photo above on my new Nokia Lumia 1020 which I absolutely love taking photo's with, the camera is amazing.
There was no phone signal either so it was nice to not have any notifications or emails and just have some us time.

The scenery was so beautiful while the sunshine was out, we payed to get into the park - admission is £7.75 for adults and £5.50 for children or £23.50 for a family - I never mind paying prices like this because I know the ticket prices and public donations go towards funding the conservation programmes and any park that protects and looks after endangered species and animals gets the thumbs up from me.

We were walking along the path and didn't expect to be greeted by all these deer stood right in front of us.
They are obviously used to people because they didn't go anywhere, if anything they were quite inquisitive.
They were all so beautiful and looked like Bambi, it made me happy knowing they lived here and were free to roam everywhere and were in no danger, we had one little guy or girl, we weren't sure what gender she was, who we found after going round the park once, he or she took quite a liking to us after about 5 minutes.
Obviously we took lots of photos, its not often we get this close to deer back home and such an adorable one if that, I wanted to take he or she home with us.

After a walk past the deers, we were on a long pathway which we had map for, so we followed that round the park - the Chestnut Centre is quite a big park so their is a lot of walking involved, but its a nice walk if the weather is lovely.
As we walked further into the forest there were a few spacious cages scattered throughout with different types of owls in them and there was a board next to them telling you all about them.
A lot of the owls were asleep but that is expected because they are nocturnal, I couldn't believe how many different types they're is.

My favorites animals of this park were the giant otter's, they we so unbelievably cute and stole my heart, we arrived at the park right near feeding time at 3.00pm so they were a right noisy bunch, there was the mum, dad and their daughter sharing a huge enclosure, it was a rather sad learning that there were about 3,000 left in the wild, I'm glad there is havens like this to keep them protected and to stop them from disappearing with breeding programmes.
There were all different types of otter living here and you could quite clearly tell they were well looked after.
We stayed for the 3.00pm feeding time, the otters were so funny, the dad kept wanting the metal bowl the fish came in so the keeper threw it over for him to play with, he was tossing it in the air and everything, they were all really entertaining to watch - if you do visit make sure you arrive near feeding time, its one not to miss.

We spent about two hours here, you could make a full day out of it if you bought a family and a picnic because there are plenty of places to sit down and lots of photo opportunities if your a keen photographer, I'll definitely be coming back with a better camera next time so I  can snap come more photos of these guys.

You can read more about The Chestnut Centre through their website here - link.

Have you ever been to The Chestnut Centre before?

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