Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My Sweet Box - Sweeties Through Your Letter Box ♥

One thing I do love aside from clothes is sweets, I have an extreme sweet tooth so if you buy me sweets or chocolate as a gift, I will love you forever.

I was asked to review this sweet box by My Sweet Box.
My Sweet Box are a shop on Etsy who deliver sweet boxes straight through your letter box - ideal for birthdays or if you just want to surprise someone and make their day with their favourite sweeties.

In my box I received:
1 Bag of Haribo Tangfastics
3 Wham Bars
2 Packs of Strawberry Millions
1 Pack of Refreshers
1 Bag of Jelly Tots
1 Pack of Wine Gums

The overall design of the box was simple with the little personalized touches which I loved,  such as the personalized little note attached to the sweets on string - you could add your own message if you were sending this as a gift - I like the little details on the box too such as the shops logo sticker on the top left hand corner and on the side of the box, it wasn't to much.

You can choose which sweets you wish to put inside the box you want to send, I asked for a surprise because I'm not really fussy when it comes to choosing sweets.
I was impressed with the selection because a few of these sweets happen to be my favorites, they all fitted perfectly inside this box and were all displayed neatly - exactly how I would expect to receive them. 

Would I say these boxes are value for money?
Well this box and the price includes the postage, packaging, a selection of sweets, presentation and a personalized touch so I would say yes, this box is good value for money for £9.99 and a lot of thought and presentation has gone into creating these sweet boxes.

I would purchase from this shop again in the future, I think its a wonderful idea and means that you don't always have to send your typical box of chocolates in the post, its the thought that counts and if someone sent one of these through my letter box I'd be a very happy lady indeed.

You can also find MySweetBox on Twitter by clicking this - link and Facebook - link

What do you think of this sweet box?
Do you think they are a good idea?

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