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Important Lessons I've Learned In My Life ♥

I decided to write this motivational post because I wanted to share some of my life experiences my readers can hopefully relate too.

1 . Never think you can't do something - The amount of times I have told myself this throughout the 25 years of my life growing up, I was a self doubter and if I thought I couldn't do something then I probably wouldn't try, until that was of course when it came to learning to drive.
I never had any passion or any intention to get behind a wheel, EVER!!! 
I was quite happy getting buses and trains to where I needed to get, until that time came where basically I had to learn without a question of a doubt.
When I started my driving lessons I was still pretty sure that I was never in a million years going to pass and if I'm honest I did kid myself for a while, it was only when I did fail my test first time round that I realized that I could do this if I really wanted to, I just needed to try harder, nothing gives you a boost more that failing.
When you fall down you have to get back up again - I did finally pass fourth time lucky after two more rooky errors the other two times I went it for my test.
But when my driving examiner signed that form and handed it to me and told me I had passed, I felt something I had never felt before - accomplishment - and that taught me that moment in time that you can do anything you want - but first you have to try.

2. Things Always Get Better - Growing up every little thing used to be the end of the world for me, from my hair not going right in the morning to not getting my college work in on time, 
That was until I lost my mum back in 2010, it was like my life was taken from me, shook around and then handed back to me, everything was a complete mess and I honestly didn't think life would get any better, that was when I realized that everyday problems had been nothing compared to this.
But with any problem, time is a healer and things do get better but only if you let them.
Its hard to say that when your moping about on a couch but you only get given one life regardless of what happens and you need to make the best of it.
Baby steps always work, days out with friends to take your mind away from problems, surrounding yourself with family and someone to talk when you need to, always makes things seem better and they are all little ways which will help.
Your allowed to feel sad and mad at what life throws your way sometimes and it may seem crappy at the time - but you won't always feel like this.
Things will get better.

3. Don't Let Other People Ruin Your Happiness - I have been let down by a lot of friends in my lifetime and I know I'm not alone when I say this, I used to give people second chances but found our friendship wasn't the same second time around so I simply made the decision to move on if it didn't work out.
I've learnt that cutting negative people out my life has made me happier, it can be quite scary not being someone's friend anymore especially when it feels lke they have been a big part of your life, but when their presence is just gradually making your life miserable, that's when you know - they aren't someone you would call a friend.
You will always meet new people wherever you go, it could be in a new job, a new place, or even through blogging, staying friends with the negative people will get in the way of meeting people who could me making a difference in your life.
I don't regret any of my friendships, but diminishing a few friendships along the way has made way for new one's, and I've got some really amazing friends in my life now and I finally feel like I'm in a good place.

4. Don't Give Up Keep Going - I'm still a little guilty of doing this sometimes when I'm feeling a little low but I always try and remind myself of a time I last felt like that and something good came out of it, especially when it came to job hunting, I always felt disheartened when I didn't hear back from somewhere I was hopeful about, but rather than giving up, I treated every day as a fresh start, which is how you should deal with most problems, bad days always seem to outnumber the good days, but every day is different and if you don't try and aim for something you want, you won't get it.
As for the job front, I got one eventually which goes to show - Don't Give Up!!

5. Lastly Enjoy Your Life - You have to enjoy your life, you can't spend every day hating it if its not going your way.
Little things make me enjoy life and that's what always counts.
Visit somewhere you have never been before, switch off your phone and have some you time with yourself, a friend or loved one.
Always take too many pictures, because those are the moments that will be captured forever,
Find the beauty in everything - I hate rain but I always forget how peaceful it can be listening to it splashing against your windows at night when your tucked up in bed.
Spend as much time as you can with family, they are important and won't always be around.
Never have regrets, no ones perfect and most of the things we have regretted will have made us who we are now.
Find happiness in other peoples happiness to, instead of being jealous, be happy for them.
Lastly live your life the way you want to, not how someone wants you too.
Remember we only get one life.

This post is not in anyway sponsored and written 100% by me - images sourced from weheartit

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