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What It Was Like On The Set Of Coronation Street - Corrie Tour ♥

Those of you from the UK and maybe some of you from all over the world who read my blog will know of the soap Coronation Street - I have been a watcher since I was quite young and its still my favourite soap on a Mon, Wed and Friday night, it literally is the reason why my Monday nights are made better when there is double episodes of corrie on - sad I know!!

When me and my husband found out they were selling tickets for the Coronation Street Tour we bought tickets straight away.
The tour started this Saturday so I was really excited that we got to go in the first week before lots of other people.

Being a true Manchester girl this soap holds a very special place in my heart and I'm quite proud to live near the city where this was filmed - they have since built the new set in Media City in Salford which I also live right next to leaving the old set in Manchester open to the public for the Summer.

I've also bumped into a of the few stars round Manchester - I once walked into Helen Flannigan (Rosie Webster) who was in a rush and I saw Tyrone a few weeks ago, I've seen (Samia) Maria and (Andrew) Kirk at different times in the Trafford Center, (Tina) Michelle Keegan lives round the corner from me, either her or her parents do anyway, her and Mark Wright were spotted a few months back in our little town of Urmston having a meal and Mark was seen last week in the Chillfactor near the Trafford Center.

Anyway back to the tour, it lasted about and hour and a half, there was 30 of us in total, we had a lovely guy who took us all round the sets where we got to peek inside a few dressing rooms of some of the characters, we even got to sit in the main room where some of the characters would sit before they were due on set to learn their lines or just have a catch up - in here the tour guide told us all about the history of Coronation Street which was actually really interesting.

We then went into a room where we watched a 5 minute video of some the best scenes from Coronation Street over the years, before seeing where the characters had their hair and make up done and where the characters clothes from their wardrobes were stored - including Carla's wedding dress which was even more gorgeous in real life and Roy's legendary cardigans.

After there we got to see the interior room sets they used on the show, including Carla's flat, Gail's living room and kitchen and Tyrone and Fizzes living room and kitchen which was also Vera and Jack's too, I just couldn't believe how small the sets are and the tour guide let us in on some of the secrets they use when filming which you wouldn't even think about when you actually watch Corrie on tele.

We also got to see Carla's factory "Underworld" and the barge set where Ken Barlow had an affair with Martha in 2009, there were also iconic pieces on show used in the scenes over the years and recently including Hayley Croppers coffin to Dierdre's famous glasses - there was also some rubble from the Tram Crash.

After we had had a tour of the sets we all got to go into the Rovers Return pub where we all got to sit down in the booths, again I was so surprised how big the pub set actually is in real life again, this was the part of the tour I was most excited about - that and also the chance to actually walk down the street of Weatherfeild.

We got to get our photo behind the bar, pretending to pull pints - you have to pay £7.50 for this photo or you could buy 2 for £10.00, you weren't allowed to take your own photos - all photos were banned on the actual sets too which I thought was a bit rubbish bit I suppose it leaves a surprise for everyone else who hasn't been though.

After our tour of the Rovers Return we were led out through the Bistro doors onto the cobbles of Weatherfeild, this was where we were allowed to roam free and take as many photos as we wanted, there was no time limit for this and you can leave when you wanted to.
Here are a few highlights from the tour - I didn't want to include them all because that will just spoil the surprise for people reading who would like to go.

I'd definitely recommend this tour if your up Manchester way, this Summer is the only opportunity to see it.
Tickets were £15.00 from ticket master here - link - and they do evening tours, ours was at 7.20pm.

Have you been on the tour yet or been wanting to go?


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