Monday, 21 April 2014


1. This pup - she is such a cutie and I couldn't imagine my life without a dog now, shes a short haired blue merl border collie, she's been loving the sunshine we have had this week.

2. Easter - my excuse to eat my whole body weight in chocolate and NOT even feel guilty about it, calories haven't counted this weekend.

3. Seeing my grandmas face light up on her birthday this week - I go her tickets for John Bishop, she loves him and really wanted to see him live so I'm glad I got us tickets for his warm up show in Chorley.

4. The new spiderman movie - Just when I thought the first one was amazing, spidey out did that and the second movie was even better.

5. How pretty all the flowers look recently - now springs in full bloom and the suns been shining, I have seen so many beautiful flowers out, it makes me look forward to having my own garden even more one day.

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