Monday, 7 April 2014


1. My new hair, I love it when I can go to the hairdressers to get my hair done by someone else instead of making my bath look like a murder scene with red hair dye, my husband treated me this weekend so not only did I get it colored a lovely red colour, I also had a trim and a fringe chopped into it - its something new for me and I want to thank everyone for all their positive comments on my photos on instagram this weekend, you girls are all so lovely.

2. Rio 2, I absolutely loved the first film, I know its for kids but I don't care!!!!

3. George at Asda for having their mid season sale, I picked up a gorgeous mint green thin jumper that was reduced from £14 to £6 - Bargain!!!

4. The lovely lady who was asking me how a certain picture frame went on the wall before telling me that she was buying the picture because her husband had passed away and she wanted to buy it in memory of him - the picture was a wall plaque I also bought which said "when I fall in love it will be forever" that definitely made my heart melt.

5. H&M's 50% off mid season sale too - yes two sale buys in one week I was a lucky girl - that started last week, it meant that the jeans I had been eyeing up had now both been reduced to £6 each - I popped them in my basket - they will feature in a future blog post.

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