Monday, 17 March 2014


Monday always seem to be the dreaded day of week we all hate, why I don't know, partly because the weekend is over in a flash but also because it happens to be the one day of the week, I can not remove my head from that pillow no matter how hard I try, so to brighten up my Mondays with a bit of inspiration from a few other blogs I read and love including one of my favourites "Cider With Rosie" I was inspired to start up this "5 Things That Made Me Smile Last Week" post idea and write about 5 things that made me happy last week, every Monday - feel free to share your own.

1. The fact that Spring is almost here and the weather has actually been really nice, waiting at the bus stop in the warm sunshine instead of shivering and trying to stop my umbrella from turning inside out definitely makes my day better.

2. The 50% off sale Madam Rage have had on - which is on till the 19th of this month - not only did I buy the daisy play suit I had my eyes on, I also treated myself to two new dresses for the Spring & Summer for £31.00 instead of £62.00 and I got free next day delivery too - Bonus.

3. The person who created pizza, I have had pizza at least 3 times last week and they have never tasted better for some reason - I think I have a bit of an addiction at the moment, especially the pizzas from Pizza Express.

4. Antibiotics - After the worlds most painful abscess that had me wanting to rip my own tooth out for 24 hours, these magic tablets sorted out the horrendous pain I was in - thank god for medicine these days, the downside is I also lost that tooth last week because it became too wobbly and it needed to come out - sob.

5. Being able to stream the TV show Revenge online, I can not wait once a week to find out what Emily has next up her sleeve and also Jack Porter makes my days that little bit better.

What are you thankful for today?

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