Thursday, 6 March 2014

How I Spent My February ♥

I thought I'd introduce this regular feature on my blog so I can tell you what I have been getting up to each month, I have seen this feature on some of my favourite blogs and while I do love reading beauty reviews and outfit posts, its always a breath of fresh air to see what my favourite bloggers get up to in their spare time.

So this post is all about what I got up to in February:

Me and my hubby finally bit the bullet and signed up to one of these unlimited movie passes for £15.90 a month at Cineworld - you can sign up online topcash, although mine hasn't tracked so I'm going to query that with them.
For £15.90 a month we can each go and see as many films as we want considering one cinema ticket is almost £10.00 these days and you also get discounts at the cinema on food and drink as well as restaurants nearby, so you can grab something to eat beforehand - perfect date night.

You will know from previous blog posts I had a job interview for a new part time job - thank you for the lovely people who wished me luck on instagram - it must of worked because I got the job, 
I'm now working a few hours a week at my local Peacocks store, whilst retail isn't everyone's dream job, I love chatting and meeting new people and I'm really enjoying it so far, plus its working in a fashion based environment which I also love.
I still have my other job, so this one is to help earn more pennies towards mine and my husbands first proper home together.

On the 8th February, one of my favorite authors Paige Toon was doing a book signing in Manchester at Waterstones so I went along to buy her new book to get it signed and also to have a little chat with her.
She's always so lovely and down to earth and if you haven't read any of her books, search for them on your kindle or Ipad, and download a sample, you won't be disappointed.

While I was also in Manchester I went into my local Primark to pick up these adorable pug socks which were only £2.00, I do love primarks socks and being obsessed with pugs I couldn't resist buying these after seeing them a few times on instagram.

Next up was Valentines Day, it was my first as a wifey this year but since me and my husband don't really make a huge deal out of it I wasn't expecting anything other than a card and whilst I was pressing like on everyone's bouquets of flowers they had got off their other halfs on instagram, I couldn't help feeling jealous.
So imagine my surprise when the flower man knocked on my door and delivered this beautiful bouquet.
This definitely earned the husband extra brownie points.
We were going to go out for Valentines day but we decided a night in with a fancy takeaway was much better than sitting in a crowded restaurant waiting ages for overpriced food.

On the 21st February I got to meet up with my girls Rachel and Georgina at Meadowhall in Sheffeild, I saw Rachel the month before when she stayed at mine over for New Years but I hadn't seen Gina since December, so it was nice to have a good catch up and shop, we went to Handmade Burger Co which never fails to satisfy me, the burgers are incredible - its a shame my nearest one is at Meadowhall.
We had a good gossip whilst we ate and then took lots of photos afterwards.
I get to see these girls again this month when they come down to Manchester for the weekend.

I picked up some of the New Models Own Hyper Gel polishes while I was in boots as they were on 3 for 2 and I really wanted to try them out, I am a bit disappointed because not only did they chip within a few hours even with a top coat, I definitely think Barry M's gel polishes are better quality and a lot cheaper.

On the 24th February me and the hubby had tickets to go and watch Jack Whitehall at the Lowry in Salford, it was his warm up show before his big arena tour, we were about 8 rows from the front too so we got a great view, and he was so funny, if your going to his arena tour, you will love his new material.
We went and got tea at Pizza Express first but because we had to wait an hour we managed to get £30 taken off our bill which was a bonus so we got a huge pizza and a drink for under £7.50 each.
It was my first time at Pizza Express too so I will most definitely be going back.

So that's a round up of my February, I feel like it came and went in a bit of a blur really.
I can't believe we are in March already.

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